Your Insanely Sheer Workout Outfit Needs To GO

Dear Los Angeles Ladies,

In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I think you're awesome.

Now that the niceties are out of the way, can we talk about what some of your Angeleno sisters wear for their early-evening stroll around the neighborhood?

For example, my kids and I were driving home around 7:30 pm on busy-as-all-heck Beverly Boulevard, and lo-and-behold, there was some bouncing boo-tay out on a walk.

I'm guessing the wearer didn't pause to think about how, y'know, if you choose to wear workout tights that are skin-tight, sheer - and I mean so sheer your thong is visible - everyone's going to see your butt.

Want to know what my sons said about her as we watched her switch up the street, swinging your hand weights: "EWW! A BUTT!!! Eww, I saw her UNDERWEARS!!!"

And then nine year-old Mr. O said, "I bet she wore that on purpose. People do dumb things for attention."

I love my sons. I hope they always have this reaction to butt on display in public. But in the meantime, if this was one of your sista-friends, tell her that outfit needed to go! And if that was you, yes, your workouts are working for you but no, I don't want to see the results.


Los Angelista


Anonymous said…
What a smart kid!!!
nick said…
That sort of exhibitionism just has to be for show. No way is it accidental. Mr O is right on the button.
Liz Dwyer said…
He is pretty smart. I hope he keeps that attitude as he gets older!

Yeah, the "pants" were so sheer she had to know they were see-thru. This was no accidental kind of thing.
1969 said…
I have a few of those in my gym. *sigh* Sheeeeeer leggings and everytime they bend over? Disaster.

At least yours was WEARING underwear.
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh gosh, cars would've been crashing if this one had bent over. We could only tell she had on undies because the top of her thong was visible. All the rest was pure booty.
Cynthia said…
When my son was 9:

Kid: Mom that lady hardly has anything on, why would she dress like that.

Me: Some people like to show off and get attention for all the wrong reasons.

Today, now that he is 14:

Me: Oh my goodness what is that woman “Not” wearing?

Kid: Wha…huh? *gulp*

Then turns head to follow in her direction

Me: Boy! If you don’t turn your head back and stop staring at that woman, I will smack those eyeballs out your head!
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! I have a feeling I might do some smacking in the future! ;)

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