Welcoming A New Baby To The Family!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our new baby, Andromeda!

Nope, I didn't wake up this morning with the intention of adoption a puppy. The only dog-related thing on today's agenda was babysitting my friend's super cute chiweenie (half chihuahua, half wiener dog) named Jelly.

However, one of the other parents from my son's baseball team showed up to the game today with quel coincidence three super cute chiweenies she'd rescued from a neighbor - a neighbor who was going to take the puppies to the pound. This other mom hoped we parents might want to save the life of a puppy and so she was giving the dogs away.

How could we say no to that face?

Officially, we're not allowed to have dogs in our building. Unofficially, pretty much everybody has a dog (except us) and has had one for years.

Our landlord's daughter lives across the hall and I asked
her what she thought about us acquiring Andromeda. She says not to worry, get the dog because her dad's having a change of heart. She's planning on getting one, too.

I suspect the change of heart is because a tough economy means vacant apartments and when people are turning down renting in our building because of our zero pet policy, well, I'd guess a little softening of the hard line is needed.

In the meantime, we need to get up to speed on shots, spaying, getting a dog license and chip implant and training little Andromeda so she doesn't become one of those crazy, annoying dogs everybody can't stand. And wow, housebreaking is going to be really interesting. I'm already wondering if I'm going to have to get up in the middle of the night to take this baby out to do her business in the bushes. How come somebody hasn't invented doggie overnight diapers?

Right now Andromeda is passed out in her little shoebox. We are over the moon over her!


Lola Gets said…
Awww, shes adorable! Though Sippinwineman doesnt think its a Chihuahua/Weiner dog mix. Personally,Iont care, shes adorable!!

Have you thought about getting one of those puppy litter boxes? If you box/puppy pad train her, you might not have to wake up at all hours to take her outside.
Remnants of U said…
Cute puppy.

You will find that free is only the beginning of the expense. LOL

But I am a dog lover & my dog is my child now that my son is grown & out of the house. The dog always welcomes me home at the door. My son used to have his head phones on and I had to go to his room to let him know when I was home. :-)
Anonymous said…
This is a member of the Ball family: Ambra! http://picasaweb.google.ro/ballviviana/AmbraBall#
She brings so much joy to us, that I cannot but congratulate you on adopting a puppy! Life is nothing without love for children and animals :). Love from Romania, Liz.
nick said…
She looks sweet. Yes, make sure you get her well-trained, those disobedient dogs that pester everyone else are a pain!
Marlo said…
Congratulations! She is so cute.
Jameil said…
Yay!!! What a cutie!!! Thank you so much for making training a priority!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
She is so cute! Looking forward to lots of pictures! ; )
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! She might not be, but the vet we saw today says she probably is. I thought of the litter box but I read that you have to use rabbit-type bedding since dogs will eat kitty litter. The thought of changing it grosses me out. I woke up a couple times last night because she was crying to go out. This is where being a light sleeper/insomniac pays off.

Girl, you ain't lying! Today I bought a crate, a box of puppy pads, her first series of shots, a collar and a blinged out nametag. I feel broke now but she's sooo cute!

What a cutie Ambra is! I love that red pillow with the little flowers. Adorable.

It's been such a joy over the past 24 hours seeing my boys caring for Andromeda and doing their best to ensure that she's safe and comfortable. Love it.

Badly behaved dogs drive me NUTS! I wanted to get her into classes right away but apparently I have to wait till she has all her shots, which won't be till the end of July. I guess we'll have to practice the basics at home!

Aww, thanks! I'm having a great time with her!

Yep, I think folks let little dogs get away with a whole lot. Folks wouldn't think it's cute if a Rottweiler jumped up on their leg or if a Doberman nipped at their feet.

Oh yes, I'll probably have a whole series of "Adventures With Andromeda!"
Ashley said…
She is simply ADORABLE. I bet you'll be a great mommy to her!
1969 said…
Andi is indeed adorable. Better you than me! LOL

Congrats on your new addidtion. (Did you say "over the moon"? Michael K is going to get you!)
Lisa Blah Blah said…
Yes, she is TOO cute!

My sister has a chiweenie, rescued from the pound, and he has turned out to be the sweetest dog ever! Andromeda is a wonderful addition to your family. Congratulations!
Sundry said…
I'm in puppy love! Good choice!
Ash said…
She is sooo cute. And I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not but they do make doggie diapers. There is a hole for the tail and everything. My friend's dog is a frequent user... :|

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