I'm Never Too Sick For Depeche Mode

Come and have some fun. I am going to will myself to feel better by then!


the last noel said…
Are you sure this is legit? Depeche for $10 sounds unreal.
Liz Dwyer said…
It is legit! I got the image off of Daniel Barassi's website (he's the DJ and also DM's webmaster). But, the band itself won't be there. It's just a record release party so lots of Mode good music. You know you want to come!
Anonymous said…
Well I wish I was over there as I would most definately go!!!! :-(
Jameil said…
hahahahahaha. i just started laughing at the title. you are too funny.
Anonymous said…
Just yesterday you were about to die... :) now, you're all better. I feel you. I'd do the same for Maxwell. They'd have to have me strapped down to a hospital bed to miss anything related to Maxwell.
Have fun!!
Have fun at the party. Going will def. make you feel better. ha
Ian Lidster said…
Get better soon, lovely and wise lady.
Liz Dwyer said…
If only plane tickets didn't cost so much, right?

Hey, it's my main reason for getting well! I can't miss this! (I have issues, I know.)

I've eaten so much garlic in the past few days that my fingertips reek of it! But I'm fever free today! And gosh, I'd do the same for Maxwell too! Have you heard his new song on his Myspace? It's BEAUTIFUL!

I hope I feel better afterwards! I can't wait to dance.

The fever is gone so now all I have to deal with is the crazy congestion. Hopefully I'll be 100% cured soon.

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