Indeed, There Are Losers In LA

Saturday night I went out in Hollywood to see a friend's improv performance, Losers in LA. During my walk from the parking garage to the theatre I saw and heard some things I'm glad I don't see or hear on a regular basis.

Two scantily dressed women stood in front of me on the corner of Ivar, waiting to cross Selma. There was alot of skin showing. Too much skin in my opinion. But in Hollywood on a Saturday night you see alot of skin so these two women blended right in with the scenery.

A group of men approached the corner, joking and talking boisterously. I didn't look at them too much or acknowledge their presence at all since I didn't want to appear interested in them in the least. I just wanted the light to turn and the 'walk' sign to come on because I hate being late and I was worried I would miss the beginning of the show. Then one of the men did something that shocked me.

He spread his right index finger and his middle finger into a horizontal 'V', reached in front of me and touched the very visible ass-crack of the woman standing in front of me.

"Y'all see that dimple there?" he chuckled to his friends. "Yeah, that's 'back' right there!"

At first I thought he knew her. Except she didn't turn around or acknowledge him at all.

"Come on, girl! You know you want this," he continued. His friends laughed, slapping him on the back.

"I'll give you a hunnerd dollas if you come on over and fuck this."

What? Was he serious? What an ass! The woman still did not turn around nor make any reply. I was so angry, yet, although a dozen retorts were on the tip of my tongue, I did not say anything either. I didn't even look their way.

"Two hunnerd! You know you want to slide up and..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the light changed and the 'walk' sign came on. We all crossed the street together, behaving as if it hadn't happened. I sped up to pass the women and get away from those awful men.

I have two sons and all I could think about was how those awful men were once cute, sweet little boys like mine. Then those young boys learned from someone that it was ok to behave like that to women.

And we women, we've learned that it's in our best interests to not say anything when men behave that way.

When and how does this all change?


Kate said…
Gosh, what would I do? They didn't cover this scenario in my women's studies classes. This story made me really sad on several levels.

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