Batman, Is That Facial Hair?

I've been too busy at work this week and I haven't taken the time to update here about the rest of my visit to NYC. It was a fantastic trip and I had a wonderful time with the Kim family. You see here left to right, Leslyn Kim, David Kim and David's mom.

I've known Leslyn since 1995 and she's one of my personal heroines. She's someone who keeps her faith first despite all the challenges and curve balls that come her way. She's also whip smart and accomplished...but she's really humble about it all. She's also the cutest pregnant woman on earth...look at her! She's in her eighth month and she's all belly and just as stylish as she ever was!

Clearly, no trip to NYC is complete without a trip to Times Square and I headed down there with the rest of the babyshower attending crew on Saturday night. Although the Naked Cowboy was nowhere in sight, I did have the privilege of meeting Batman.

As we're taking the picture he asked me, "You Puerto Rican?"
"No," I replied. "Are you?"
Without skipping a beat he asked the next logical question, " You Dominican?"

Ah, only in New York.

Seriously, what a fantastic hustle! I paid two dollars to take pictures with this guy who has the same Halloween costume my five year-old son has.

Thanks for the picture, Batman.


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