The Wink

Even though I spend seventy-five percent of my time here in Los Angeles out in public, I almost never notice celebrities.

In the land of paparazzi, why don't I notice celebrities?

Maybe it's just that my work takes me to neighborhoods celebrities only visit if they're looking to get a feel good story about themselves into People. Maybe it's simply a case of bad luck. I'm almost always feeling like I'm the one that's busy tying my shoe when Orlando Bloom walks by.

All that changed tonight when I was sitting by the fountain/pond at The Grove, trying to keep my youngest son from diving into the water. Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone that looks familiar walking toward me

I said to myself, "Gosh, he looks just like Chris Rock."

That turned into, "Wow, it IS Chris Rock!"

Chris Rock looked me straight in the eye and winked at me. Then he kept walking by and headed to the movie theatre.

What did that wink mean? Did it mean:

A) You're such a great mom, good for you for trying to keep your son from drowning himself.
B) You're so hot sitting there on that faux marble ledge, if we weren't both married, I'd be tryin' to get your number!
C) I wink at everybody so don't trip.
D) Heffa you better not start yelling, "Look everybody it's Chris Rock!"

For some reason, I think it's a combination of option C and D.


Sundry said…
Oh, I'm all for B.
pirategirl said…
I reckon he's pretty cool and a nice guy - i'd say B.
Lock it in.
I did the same with Robbie Williams except I was drunk at a famous club and I was all 'hey he does kinda look like Robbie doesnt he?' then I insulted Robbie Williams then the next morning he was on TV saying how he's in town etc and I went.... umm oops.
I still stand by my insult tho.
"His music's alright but Robbie Williams is a tosser."
Liz Dwyer said…
Choice B? You all are too kind!

ARLG, your Robbie Williams story had me falling off my chair! That's hilarious!

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