Late to Bed, Early to Rise

I'm catching a flight to Chicago this morning-- and it leaves at six am.

In the past, I would just pull an all-nighter and sleep on the plane, but since I actually have to pick up a car and drive once I land, I figured I should have more than four hours of sleep. So, I decided to go to bed around 11:30...but I didn't fall asleep until sometime after one. I just kept thinking about that stupid Laguna Beach show. I watched alot of it for the first time ever this weekend since I was sick and had nothing to do but zone out.

There are quite a few things about the show that are bugging me. Here are my top five questions about Laguna Beach:

1) How come Cami, the one black person we've seen on Laguna Beach, never has any guys interested in her? She seems to spend most of her time shopping and sniping at other folks because she's getting no play herself. Maybe Laguna Beach should get a little real and ask "the guys" why none of them are dating her or interested in her. She has the biggest boobs out of all the girls so one of these shallow boys should be after her. But, they aren't. Hmm...I would say it's because she's rude, spoiled and gossipy, but all the girls are like that so I am left to throw out that "race card" and say it's because she's black.

2) Why do they only play bubblegum pop and emo rock on Laguna Beach? The theme song is by Hillary Duff. Are we supposed to believe these teens aren't banging 50 Cent in their Range Rovers? C'mon, these kids are the target audience of most rap records these days.

3) What's in the little red cups? Are we supposed to believe they are drinking Pepsi outta those?

4) And why is it always a party or a night out at a restaurant? These kids are weird. They don't seem to be involved in any kind of extra-curricular activities like sports or Amnesty International. Gosh, even the most uninvolved kid at my high school did something.

5) Where are the fathers? We see some mothers hovering around and passing out the red cups. But there are never any fathers around. What's up with that?

Now that I have all that off my chest, I'm going to get myself to LAX so I can sleep peacefully on the plane!


the last noel said…
HOpe you had a safe trip--get away from Laguna Beach! There's a reason I don't have a television.

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