Visions of Vegas

The last time I went to an outdoor show was back in '94 in Chicago and it was a torrential downpour. Everyone's uber goth outfits and makeup went straight to hell!! It was the best!! I had such a great time and I think once folks got over their fear of a tornado, folks threw plastic trashbags over themselves and were dancing like mad despite the drenching. Why put myself through the danger of being struck by lightning? Because I'm a slightly obsessed Depeche Mode fan, that's why!

One month from now, I'll be headed to Vegas to see Depeche Mode again. Olinga wants to go to the concert with me and how I wish I could take him but he'd probably go deaf and that would make me a bad parent. Instead, the fabulous Jenny Tan is going to come with me and she'll then be able to share stories with Elarryo and testify to the fact that I get a little crazy at their shows.

I'll admit it's pitiful: kids are walking on the 110 and 101 freeways today to protest immigration laws and I'm thinking about whether or not DM will play Sister of Night on April 30th. Praying. Hoping they play it. Like I said, pitiful.


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