I'm sick.

Last week I worked a ridiculous amount of hours. I didn't write in here at all because I was getting home at stupidly late times of night.

Stupidly late. There, I said it again.

And now I'm sick.

In fact, I think my body has fallen apart in the past three days. I thought the weekend would make it all better, but it didn't. I've been up since 1:30 am with awful stomach pains. Elarryo told me yesterday he thinks I should go see a doctor. This would be easier if I actually had a doctor to go to. It's terrible...I'm one of those people that only went to the doctor when I was pregnant. Terrible.

My whole family is sleeping peacefully and I'm here typing on my computer, contemplating whether or not to take a sick day tomorrow...contemplating all the work I have to do tomorrow. All the things that if I dropped dead would not be important at all...but I'm having a hard time staying at home.


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