Chaos Reigns at a Model School - Los Angeles Times

Courtesy of the L.A. Times, we have a front page article on how awful and dangerous Santee Dairy High School is. Or, South Los Angeles High School Number 1... they want kids to have an identity with the school but have yet to officially name the site. That's smart.

This article focuses primarily on gangs and violence on the part of the students at Santee Dairy. It's amazing that these school principals still act shocked that gangs are impacting their school. How funny is it that they acknowledge that gangs are prevalent in these areas...but there was no plan for how to address the gang problems in the first place. Instead administrators and school police are in shock and awe over what's happening at the school site. Jeepers, those violent black and latino students.

It's so typical is it that the article focuses on gang activity instead of the fact that students can't get the academic classes they need.

Chaos Reigns at a Model School - Los Angeles Times


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