Why You Should Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean

Americans are really stupid for not copying other nations and taking longer vacations. We take a week off and slow clap for ourselves. It's like we really think we're doing something amazing. Seriously, we're brainwashed into thinking we're lucky to have a week! Pfft...maybe if folks had more vacation time along the shore they wouldn't go around acting so crazy. After all, waves and chilled out surfer dude go together. Crazy and waves don't really mix, do they?

Anyway, there's an old saying: Never turn your back on the ocean. It's good advice, especially when the surf's up and the tide's coming in. If the last wave in the video above had been a little stronger, I bet it could've knocked me off my feet and swept me away. And then I wouldn't be writing this post or complaining about our national inability to take more vacation.


Ian Lidster said…
A friend of mine turned his back on the ocean in Hawaii a number of years ago and ended up with a broken neck. On his honeymoon, yet. He came out OK, but he could have ended up paralyzed. Glad you got away in time, my dear friend.
nick said…
Can't watch the video, Liz. I get a message saying it's private.
nick said…
I like the video. I just love the sea, I could watch it for hours. And yes, Americans really should lose this idea that vacations are somehow sinful and just take a bit more time to recharge their batteries.

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