No One's Offered My Child Sex, Drugs, or Alcohol (yet)

My fears about what would happen to my 11-year-old son in middle school have not come to pass. No one has pulled Mr. O into a corner and:

1. Offered him crystal meth.
2. Forced him to inhale from a crack pipe.
3. Told him that marijuana is harmless so he should stop being a baby and try some.
4. Dared him to do a shot of hard liquor and then
5. Showed him the flask they have stored in their backpack.
6. Texted him a picture of their boobs.
7. Asked him if he wants to play a kissing game.
8.  Attempted to unzip his pants.
9. Threatened to get him in trouble if he doesn't do all of the above.

However, a friend just HAD to helpfully remind me that it's only day two. "The kids are still on their best behavior," she said. "There's still a whole school year for all that to happen." Great.

What has happened, however, is that O has come home the past two nights with a LOT of homework.  He also says he feels pretty comfortable in class because everyone else is just a big nerd like he is. I love this nerds-so-busy-with-schoolwork-they-have-no-time-to-smoke-meth thing. The worst that's happened is some eighth graders cussed out a sixth grader for cutting them in the lunch line. "They were saying the F-word and everything," O told me.

If that's as bad as it gets, I might be able to deal.  


nick said…
Indeed, it's only day two, but I have a lot of confidence in Mr O's good sense. He's being brought up by a very sensible mum (and no doubt also a very sensible dad). And if they're all big nerds, I can't see anything too scary occurring.
Unknown said…
I will keep our boys in my thoughts ... my hair is almost completely grey ... then my mother says to me about two weeks ago... "stop worrying" ..."You've done the best you can, now just have faith." <3 <3

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