That Awkward Moment When You Realize You're On Vacation

You ever have one of those moments where it's Friday night and you're making a to-do list of things you need to get done before you go to work on Monday? Nevermind, I don't want to hear how you'd never make a to-do list on a Friday night because you have a life. I just realized I can kick my list to the curb because I'm officially on vacation till August 12th!

Excuse me while I go do this:

In all seriousness, vacation is sometimes hard for me because I, ahem, am a bit of a workaholic. I'm going to try not to work too much and take it as my perogative to ignore anything that doesn't have the words "fun" and "relaxing" attached.

What I really need to learn how to do is make Martin Gore's BISH PLEASE face to myself in the mirror when I'm tempted to check my work email.
Dang, look at that tough-looking Depeche Mode gang! It's like they're saying "We said go on vacation, or else!" I will heed their advice right now and go to bed!


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