What Will You Do With an Extra Hour?

Daylight Savings Time ends tonight, which means it's time to switch the clocks back. Yay, an extra hour to do (insert ____). As I ponder what I'll do with my extra hour, let's take a trip down memory lane to what I know I did by age:

Age 0: One day I will come out of my mother and celebrate the joys of Daylight Savings Time.

Age 5: Clutch my teddy bear and snore.

Age 10: What's Daylight Savings Time? Where did it come from? Why do I have to go to bed so early? Why, why, why?

Age 15: I wish I could go to a party. I'd have an extra hour of partying if I could just get out of the house.

Age 20: I'm at the party. YESSSS! An extra hour of dancing.

Age 25: Jack-jack-jack-jack your body. How come we can't have TWO extra hours at the club?

Age 30: This baby does not know what "fall back" means. He'll still be up at the crack of dawn.

Age 35: Wait, you mean it's only 5 a.m., not 6 a.m.? I could've slept an extra hour?  AAAGH!  

I think I'm going to do my best to revert back to my five-year-old self and sleep. Wish me luck.


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