Music Monday: Crush on You /vs/ Crush on You

Where in the heck are The Jets? Somebody bring that Bands Reunited show back so we can find out what happened to them, mmkay? I want to hear them perform "Crush on You" again. I knew the dances in the video by heart, I wanted all their clothes, their hair, I thought the brothers were totally hot...

Well, fast forward to the present because there's a new "Crush on You" in town. The Jets have been remixed by U.K. dubstep masters, Nero and wow, wholesome and bubbly has been transformed into a crushable nightmare.

Yeah, every time I hear the modern "Crush on You", I can't help but think, "This is your brain on drugs..." And yet, I can't stop listening. Hmm... don't you kinda wonder which version Herman Cain would prefer?


Seanathan said…
No. NO. NOOOOOOO!!!!! This is blasphemy. The Jets' "Crush on You" is probably in my top 10 of 80's songs. My ears are bleeding.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL, right? I don't know what Nero was thinking. It's so horrible that it's kind of growing on me. And I just do not understand that video. It's like an Anthropologie catalogue infected by zombies.

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