A Butt Made of Fix-a-Flat? What Would The Hottentot Venus Say?

Two hundred years ago, a South African woman named Saartjie Baartman was lured onto a ship bound for Europe with the promise that she'd be able to make a fortune by putting her body--OK, her ass--on display. Indeed, for five years, Baartman's extremely large--and 100 percent natural--behind was on display in both England and France. Visitors could come to Picadilly to see the Hottentot Venus, as Baartman was called, displayed naked in a cage--being ordered by her keeper to squat, sit, stand, or walk. Baartman was used to prove the animalistic nature--the out of control sexuality and inferiority of black people.

When abolitionists of the time attempted to rescue her from her situation, Baartman, who was most certainly under pressure from her captors, claimed that she was willingly putting herself out there. And, it was all good because she was, unlike other slaves, getting paid. 

Fast forward to the present:

The pursuit of an ass that can be tooted to the sky for attention has gotten so out of control that we have Oneal Ron Morris--a transsexual man who clearly has had some "help" distorting his own rear--posing as a back-alley doctor and injecting cement, Fix-a-Flat, mineral oil and super glue into another woman's booty. And this other woman paid Morris $700 to do it.

Now Morris is in jail, the woman developed a slew of medical problems, and Saarjite Baartman--who became an alcoholic and died after five long years of 19th century backshots--is surely turning in her grave.

I imagine Baartman would tell these ladies that the check--and the attention--isn't worth the physical or emotional pain. We are more than our asses. Too bad we've been trained well over the centuries to think otherwise.


1969 said…
Just a hot AZZ mess. Lack of self esteem is truly a disease. TRULY.
Liz Dwyer said…
RIGHT??? I don't even know what would possess someone to go there. I'm all practical...where do you buy clothes???
Anonymous said…
SAD STORY! sick sad world!
Liz Dwyer said…
BBJ said…
I'm feeling somewhat more reconciled to my own flat behind. It came free, requires no maintenance beyond jogging, and contains no Super Glue. These are all good things.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, I'm quite grateful for the lack of Super Glue myself. Sigh. ;)

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