Weekend Randomness

It's Sunday night and it feels like it should only be Saturday morning. Why oh why does the weekend have to go so quickly? Here's a little of what went down:

1) Flower Heaven: The Flower Fields in Carlsbad are worth the drive from Los Angeles. Ranunculus are my favorite flowers and the fields have 50 acres in every shade you can think of normal flower-ish shade. My six year-old son said our time there was the best day of his life.

2) Serendipity: 10 minutes after my family arrived at the Flower Fields, we ran into an old friend from Chicago that we haven't seen in at least a dozen years.

3) Gym Rats R Us: I went to the gym at 9 AM - and had to park on level five of the parking structure. Clearly, my fellow Angelenos don't play when it comes to the battle of the bulge.

4) Apple's Shuffle SUCKS! You have to use their headphones because the controls are on the headphones, not the shuffle itself. My headphones are MIA. Guess how much replacement headphones are? $30. Buying those made me feel like such a sucker. The damn headphones are only $20-something dollars less than the shuffle.

5) Insane Movie Ticket Prices: $40.75 for tickets for me and the boys to go see How To Train Your Dragon. If 3D costs so much, I can seriously do without it. That said, the movie was fantastic.

6) Avatar Morphing: Here's what my kid looks like as a Navi ==>

7) Karate Kid II Trailer: I get SO angry every time I see it. The movie is set in China and the martial art they're learning is KUNG FU! Kung fu is not karate. Two different martial arts which originated in two different cultures. Plus, am I really supposed to believe some American kid came to China and in a matter of weeks learns how to whup azz on some Chinese kids who've been studying kung fu since day one?

8) TV Turnoff Week: Yes, it's starts today. I've been forced into it thanks to Time Warner Cable having a service outage tonight.

9) You And Your Bad Kids: Some of y'all need to teach your kids how to act in public. YES, for example, how about the lady who goes to the Trader Joe's on 3rd and La Brea and lets her children run through the aisles, turn stuff over and throw things at other customers. I'm about ready to get out a belt and whoop her kids FOR her, and I don't even beat my own sons!

10) Monday: Wakey-wakey time will be here before I know it. Time for bed!


I love your Randomness posts. Hilarious.
1969 said…
How to Train your Dragon is the best kids movie I have seen in a while. LOVE IT!

Uh, read my blog. It may have been Tali 1 cutting up in the store :)
Liz Dwyer said…
I've been so busy, I might be doing random posts for the rest of the month!

Yes, HTTYD was pretty original. I loved it... and the dragon was CUTE!

No,these kids are awful. I'm sure that Tali 1 has NEVER chucked an action figure at someone in a store.

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