Red Alert: Nude Sunbathing!

"Mommy, what's nude sunbathing?"

Um, yeah. Call me naive but I had no idea there's a nudist beach in Los Angeles. OK, technically it's on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, but it's in LA County and it's surrounded by Los Angeles, so it might as well be in Los Angeles.

If you head to Abalone Cove, you see these signs prohibiting getting nekkid - and no dogs either, just in case you wanted to run around in the buff with your Labradoodle.

Turns out that on the other side of Portuguese Point (a big cliff that juts out into the Pacific Ocean), there's a nudist beach and, well, sometimes folks get a little confused about whether or not they're on the "let it all hang out" beach or not.

My kids thought the idea of a nudist beach seemed a little strange. Ever practical, my eldest son theorized that being naked would be pretty stupid on this beach's terrain. "All the rocks would hurt my butt and cut me!"
Sorry nudists, my sons and I agreed we don't want to see somebody's breasts or penis flopping around when we're out in public - yes, I use correct anatomical terminology and I encourage my son's to do the same. I don't teach them to be ashamed of their bodies or use cheesy names for their body parts. But still, I'm thankful this was the only view we saw:
If you walk right over to the where the cliff juts into the ocean, you can climb up and sit on a little ledge right at the tip of the cliff... unless it's high tide when there's nothing to stand on or there's so little to sit on, you get washed away by the powerful Pacific Ocean pounding on the rocks.

I can't help but wonder how many unsuspecting nature lovers have wandered onto the nude beach and gotten an eyeful of another kind of "natural" view!


Alaia said…
Your son is clearly a smart young man.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you for saying so. I agree! ;)
nick said…
It's quite startling to come across a nudist beach out of the blue. We came across one in Sydney and another in Vancouver. I felt embarrassed not by the nudity but because as a fully clothed person it seemed like I was intruding! I guess most of the locals know where the nudist beach is so they can choose to avoid it. It's only the tourists who get an unexpected eyeful!

And yes, your eldest had a very practical and intelligent response!
K. Rock said…
I didn't know people were still doing this in places they could be "stumbled upon".
Val said…
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Val said…
Wow, I lived in PV for a while and I didn't know there was a nude beach? It must be relatively new?
I think it's a shame that you are filling your kids minds with your body shame anti-nudity prejudice.

It's not too late though. Next time you go to that beach with your family, have them take their clothes off. I bet you will all enjoy it!

At home walk around naked, it will ease them into public nudity.

I bet that your breasts are quite beautiful, even if they are floppy!
Anonymous said…
Having been to a couple of nude beaches in Europe (I stayed clothed), it struck me that the people you'd really like to see naked, never are, and the people who truly should wear many, many clothes, doff them at the drop of a hat, or sagging breast.
Haute in LA said…
I had no idea either! You can truly live in this metropolis for years and never know everything there is to know and see all there is to see.

Since I don't believe you I'll just have to bear the elements and drive on down to Palos Verdes and see for myself. LOL!
Liz Dwyer said…
A nude beach in Vancouver sounds cold! Yes, my eldest is forever practical! He balances out his little brother in that regard!

I didn't either... but I guess so!

I'm not sure - I did a little digging and apparently, some folks online know about this!

What's up with the comment about my breasts? My breasts are completely happy without your two cents about them. Anyway, no, I'm not filling my kids with anti-nudity prejudice. Nudity is fine in the appropriate time and place. I'm not a prude, I'm just not for public nudity.

EXACTLY! Depeche Mode is probably not hanging out at the nude beach. Actually, eww, I'm not so sure I even want to see them naked either! ;)

Hahaha! If you google it, you'll find it! ;)

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