Sexy April Fool's Day

I know it's April Fool's Day when I try to log onto one of the many Depeche Mode message boards I'm a part of and I get this message:

"Sorry los.angelista, you are banned from using this forum!

You've been banned!

"Why", I hear you asking? I'll tell you why! Because it's April Fools Day, of course!! See you tomorrow ;)"

I read that first sentence and freaked out! Banned? And just when I was about to cry, my eyes read more and thankfully saw that it was an April Fools Day joke. Whew.

I should have known April Fool's Day was rolling around though because I heard that the LA City Council is banning homicides in the city for 40 hours. But then I read the same story in the LA Times so I figured that bit of wishful thinking must actually be true, unlike last week's fake Tupac story.

Come to think of it, all Hillary Clinton needs to say about the whole "I was shot at by snipers in Bosnia" lie is that it was all an early April Fool's Day joke. Hah hah! Right?

Anyway, I thought my eyes were playing early April Fool's Day tricks on me when I saw I've been given the Sexy Blogger Award not once, but TWICE in the past two days! Let me bust out a Prince CD and play "U Got the Look" right now!

To tell you the truth, I generally do not think of myself as sexy. Hot, yes. Sexy, no. But wowzer, check my Sexy Blogger Award out! Needless to say, that is not my bootay. I will spare us all a multitude of embarrassment and refrain from describing the differences between my rear and the one in the photo. But I will say a prayer that the woman featured in this picture learns to wear a thong sometime soon. I mean, if you're going to have your underwear up your butt, you might as well go for a thong and dispense with the granny panties once and for all.

In any case, now that I'm finished talking about badonk-a-donks, I'll tell you how I got this award. The ever-fabulous and positive Claudia from On a Limb With Claudia was the first to give me the Sexy Blogger Award. Claudia said she gave it to me because I have "sexy hair!"

I don't think I've heard my hair described as sexy in recent years months days so I'm pretty excited and flattered by this, especially since my hair has been driving me nuts lately. Come to think of it, I need to write a whole post about what's going on with my hair because it's much too complex for me to write about in the same post as a picture of a butt. Let me put "Write post about hair drama" on my to-do list for tomorrow.

Just when I was really contemplating my hair sexiness, Cajunvegan over at one of my newly favorite blogs, "I Read Banned Books", also gave me the Sexy Blogger Award for my "dead sexiness".

Hopefully "dead sexiness" is a synonym for all over sexiness because otherwise, I need to have a call in to a casting director so I can star in a zombie flick with Milla Jovovich.

Of course, in the spirit of dead sexiness, I'm dying to pass on this Sexy Blogger Award, complete with the pancake booty shot. Some of you that I want to give this award to have already gotten it, but don't worry, you're still sexy. (Jameil, I'm talkin' to you!)

Sooo, I'm going to give it to eleven of y'all:
  • Bygbaby for having sexy brotherlocks and forever making me laugh every time I think about last year's Alexyys K. Tylor post
  • Keith over at African American Dad for sexy fatherhood and doing the darn thing when it comes to being a parent in NYC.
  • Shelly at Boring Black Chick for her sexy book and movie reviews.
  • Jen at A2EatWrite for knowing when to take a sexy break from blogging and handle her business.
  • Nerd Girl for being a sexy mommy who had a sexy voting date with Barack Obama.
  • Kate and Jon at Homestead Harvest for making Idaho and sustainable living sexy.
  • 1969 for being the sexiest working mom blogger out there ever.
  • Kari at If I Only Had a Blog for having sexy dream interpretations
  • Sundry for her sexy pictures and for her sexy motivation around getting up so early to write every day.
  • Laura Harley for creating and singing a sexy mashup. Battlestar Galactica + Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" = "Enjoy the Cylons"
And an extra special mention goes to Ian over at Or So I Thought. I seriously figured he'd gotten this award before for being the sexiest Canadian on the planet, but he hasn't. So Ian, you now get it for putting the sexy back into something very commendable and close to my heart, addictions counseling.

I know some of you aren't going to put the booty picture on your blogs and might not even want your sexiness to be acknowledged, but hey, it's April Fool's Day so I'm going for it. Hope your April Fool's Day is wonderfully tricky!


Anonymous said…
YAY!! Great choices - and an award well deserved. I swear I'm going to change that butt.... I bugs me that it's so.... and wearing granny pants.... hrm.... :)

I'll get over it... I think....
Anonymous said…
Phew, what a picture - you make an old man very happy, ha ha! April Fool jokes don't seem so common in the UK nowadays. The London Guardian had a brilliant one a few years ago about life on an island somewhere in the Pacific. It turned out there was no such island but a lot of people were fooled.
Congratulations and Happy April Fool's Day!

I got that one, too, but haven't posted it yet because I'm ambivalent about it and don't think the pic chick is very sexy.

And I'm sorry the Depeche Mode fan site 86'd you as a joke because it probably stole 20 years off your life. Feel better, Liz. Breathe.
1969 said…
Hooray I win a bootay picture!!!!

First of all, you already know that you are a sexy thang....this just proves it once and for all.

I wish I lived near you, we would celebrate our sexiness by hitting up Starbucks and getting pedicures :)

Happy April Fool's Day.
Ian Lidster said…
Hot -- oh yes indeed you are. Sexy, well I'd have to have a conversation with you before I'd deduce that, but I bet so.
And, even though I'm a guy, I'm disappointed to not get a sexy award. Oh, well.
And, I must confess, I don't mind that wedgie butt in the granny panties at all.
Oh, and congratulations to you.
Jen said…
Congrats! and .... wow... I'm sexy? Really? I should go away more often! ;-)
Liz Dwyer said…
Yeah, that butt needs to be replaced with...something! I don't know what though! And "granny panties" is one of those phrases that makes me laugh so hard but I probably need to stop saying it!

My sister just tricked me by calling me up and telling me Hillary Clinton is on TV announcing that she's dropping out of the presidential race. She really got me good. And of course, the Gmail gag that's going on right now is a good one. They're offering "10 custom time emails per year" It's pretty funny. But none of these gags are better than a sexy blogger award!

You're so right because I about died when I read that first sentence. I'd be surprised if all it evaporated is 20 years!

And the picture, I know what you mean. I'm not one to put pictures of behinds on my blog, especially when the person has a major wedgie, but it's the thought that counts!

Starbucks and pedicures would be fabulous...and I almost made a new award with a photoshopped picture of Angel Lola Love or Buffie the Body, but I figured there was no way I could continue that madness, you know!

I should have picked you! I figured you'd already gotten a sexy blogger award! Since you didn't though, I'm amending my post to give you one.

Hah! See how when you go away, the blog world gets all buckwild! We need you to keep us in check.
Malik Akbar said…
Oooh, my eyeballs is scorched; somebody lied to her.
Liz Dwyer said…
And probably lied a few times! Then again, we're probably a little too used to photoshop to recognize what a real behind looks like anymore.
Sundry said…
Heh heh, I sure didn't expect my name to be on this list! Especially since I was wearing one of my chronically comfortable outfit when we met last week. Let me assure you, you meet all the various requirments for the sexy blogger award. Smart, funny, well put-together appearance without overdoing it. (You need to post a photo in that cute hat!)

Are you kidding? I'm gonna get that award up on my blog ASAP!
Ian Lidster said…
Liz, I am so touched. Shucks. Of course, dear, the words 'sexy' and 'Canadian' some people would see as contradictory, but I shall wear my new badge with pride. what a peach you are.
BZ said…
It's good to be back and to see you're still at it!! A belated April Fool's Day to ya. Hope all is well!!
Jameil said…
that is 2 sexy blogger awards in one week for both of us! ow! & lmao @ depeche mode gettin you like that!! hilarity!! love it.
congrats on your sexy blog award. go on with your bad self!
Laura Harley said…
Congrats on your well-deserved award, Liz! And thanks so much for passing it on to me. I am very flattered. Tee hee. Hope to see you soon!
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL! That's my, "The hair is looking jacked up!" hat, so thanks for saying it's cute. And of course you're on this list! Chronically comfy is the essence of sexiness.

As someone who once lived in Canada, I fully believe Canadians are full of sexiness, especially those of you who make the effort to help other folks out.

Hey you! I'm so glad to see you're back on Blog Planet. I'll come by and see what you're up to.

Every single year Depeche Mode does some funny trick like this and gets their fans. I love it but whew, they gave me a heart attack. And yeah, two sexy blogger awards in one week...I'll have to remember that next time I'm feeling sorry for myself and like I look like crap.

Oh yay, you arrived in Italy safe and sound! Wow, moving to Italy definitely makes you a sexy blogger. You've got us all beat.

Glad to pass it along. I really enjoyed the song. Any chance you're out here this weekend? My sister is visiting and I'm taking her to Crimson Spot on Saturday night. Should be fun.
Anonymous said…
I've never thought of myself as sexy (and I still don't), but this is kind of cool. Perhaps I'll post my wife's booty for the award on my site so she doesn't get jealous.

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