Earth Day Contest Winners!

I'm happy to announce the winners of the Los Angelista Earth Day giveaway! Thanks to those of you who entered by sharing your best tips for green living! It was nice to see all the stuff you're doing to reduce, reuse and recylce, not just on Earth Day but on every day of the year.

I wrote all your names on pieces of paper, folded them and then let my kids throw them up in the air. They then chose two off the ground. The two winners of the Brita faucet mount filtration system and two new HDPE Filter for Good Nalgene bottles (which is BPA-free) are:

Jameil and Ian!

Congratulations to you both and email me your addresses so I can head over to the post office and have your prizes on their way to you!


Jameil said…
the joy said…
Rigged! Rigged I tell ya! I demand a re- names in a hat count!
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, indeedy! It'll be on its way to you soon!

The Joy,
My boys were really funny throwing the little folded pieces of paper up in the air and then deciding which two to pick up. Gosh, I wish I had more to give away!
Ian Lidster said…
I am honored, my dear. How cool is that? Despite some of my smartass comments, I meant my devotion to the earth with the utmost of sincerity and I thank you (not to mention your boys) for according me this. Address forthcoming.
Anonymous said…
Hurray for Jameil and Ian! Whoo HOO!!
Unknown said…
Congrats Jameil and Ian!!!!
@Los Angelista, if I get anything free I'm sending it to you cuz this was so much fun I wanna do it again!

(Am I that lame that online giveaways make me SO happy and excited???) LOL!
Lisa Johnson said…
I've gotten behind on my blog reading and I missed the contest. What a great giveaway! Congratulations Jameil and Ian!
Liz Dwyer said…
What smartass comments? I don't know what you're talking about! :)
I'm heading to the post office tomorrow! I hope you like the filter and the bottle once you get them. I have to do another contest so my boys can choose some more names. They definitely enjoyed being the "judges".

I know! I'm excited for them!,
Sounds good! It was really fun. Why do we all get so excited over contests and giveaways?

Hopefully I can rustle up something else to giveaway and then I'll come over and poke you so can put your name in the hat! :)
Jen said…
Great idea for the contest and CONGRATS to Jameil and Ian! I never got my post up... it's been a WILD week chez Jen.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, it HAS been a wild week, hasn't it! I can't believe it's already Saturday (almost over!) and tomorrow's the end of my TV turnoff week!

We need clones!

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