40 Things About Moi

I was visiting Hammer over at When Your Only Tool's a Hammer and I decided to swagger jack this fun meme from him:

What I was doing 10 years ago?
-Roaming the streets of NYC
-Getting ready to move to LA
-Working out for two hours a day (running, rowing machine and weight lifting)
-Listening to a lot of Hot 97 (Busta Rhymes had some hot stuff out then!)
-Going dancing at the Latin Quarter

Five things on my to-do list today?
· Write an article for Divine Caroline
· Revise an article for Anti-Racist Parent
· Go to a school site meeting at 8 a.m. (totally dreading it)
· Go get a chai from Starbucks to help me survive the meeting (I might spike it with some melatonin so I'll be nice and mellow)

· Do this workout (eek!)

Places I have traveled?
· Beijing
· Montreal (not in the winter, m'kay!)
· Catalina Island
· Birmingham
· New Orleans

Five snacks or treats I enjoy?
· Yogurt-covered pretzels
· Twizzlers
· Gummi Worms and Gummi Bears
· Wheat crackers with pickle relish or peach pineapple salsa
· Breyer's triple chocolate ice cream (especially the white chocolate section)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire?
· Start a college prep tutoring non-profit for low-income middle and high school kids
· Buy a place in Villefranche-sur-Mer
· Go live in Villefranche-sur-Mer after I take a trip around the world
· Pay off the bills of everyone in my immediate family and create investment funds for them
· Give money to lots and lots of charities

Five of my bad habits?

-Throwing clothes on floor of my closet
-Not taking care of myself as much as I should
-Too much multi-tasking
-Inability to spend money on myself

Five places I have lived?
-New York City
-Guangzhou, People's Republic of China

Five jobs I’ve had?
· Teacher
· Teacher supervisor
· Bank teller (I thought I'd get robbed every day)
· Research Assistant
· Waitress/Restaurant Hostess

Gosh that was fun! Now you know I want to tag some of y'all but I'll refrain. But, if you do this meme, let me know!


Anonymous said…
Wow, you've lived in China! I'm impressed. So what was it like? And what do you think about what's going on there now?

Too much multi-tasking? At least you're capable of it. I'm a typical guy here, my multi-tasking abilities are abysmal. If only I could do a bit more!
Anonymous said…
Great list! I saw your billionnaire goal and thought of Bill Strickland (http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/209). I hadn't heard of him before watching this talk - and only really listened because I love Herbie Hancock. They are supposed to be putting up one of these schools in LA, SF. It's an amazing, amazing story.
Marleaux said…
Wow, you've done so many cool things, trvaled/lived so many places. Makes me want to get out of Ca, or even LA for at least a day. I'm going to put that on my list.

And if I were rich, I would blog and blog hop like its a full time job, though I would be doing it from a different destination everyday. And give to charities too. I'd have them checked out first; there are ppl out there that are pros at starting fake charitable orgs and pocketing the money.
Jen said…
This looks like a fun meme. You've had some diverse experiences, alright. What did you teach?
C... said…
I used to live in L.A. I miss it terribly.
Jameil said…
working out two hours a day?? NO THANKS!! how buff were you!? starbucks already has crack in it to keep you coming back. please don't add anything else. catalina island huh? oooh la la! luuuurve gummi anything! if you become a billionaire, don't feel like you can't pay off my student loans. only about 15k. please start spending money on yourself. thanks.
I think being able to spend money on yourself is a new frontier for some of us. I'm working hard on this one but I'm sure I could do better.

I was a bank teller in Vermont. I kept a box of stoned wheat thins in my money drawer, right next to the purple-dyed money pack.

The bank WAS robbed but nobody was hurt.
Liz Dwyer said…
The best thing about China was that people were very warm and friendly. I hated the Communism. I hated how people I grew to care about had their phones tapped and were afraid of the government. The pollution was horrible too. I used to have to ride my bike around town with a bandana tied across my face.

Thanks for the link! That is VERY cool. After I typed that, I wondered why I think I have to be a billionaire to do something like that. Hmm...

Blog hopping from different destinations would definitely vibe with that desire to get out of Cali for a little bit. And charities that are scams make me so mad. People really do need help and criminals so often ruin it.

I've had 2nd, 4th and 3rd graders but most recently 3rd graders that were all retainees and couldn't read above a first grade level when they walked in the door. It was tough but very rewarding.

I imagine that despite all the drama of LA, if I leave I'll miss this place as well.

LOL about the student loans. I don't feel too bad about mine now that I know Barack only paid his off two years ago. As far as the gym, yeah sometimes I'd stay for three hours if I decided to sit in the sauna or go to the pool or something. I had no money so going to the gym was my entertainment! I definitely was ridiculously in shape. Catalina Island is fabulous but I get really sick on boats so getting there and back is NOT fun for me but it's only 22 miles off the coast.

Wheat thins next to the money pack! That is really funny! You could ask the robber if they wanted a snack instead of the cash! Good thing nobody got hurt in the robbery though. Being a bank teller was my first job and I got sick every morning before I went. I was having panic attacks and everything.
Anonymous said…
Just came to tell you that due to your inspirational post, I'm coming to Cali on May 13 to spend a week with my sister in Oxnard.

Working out two hours a day? DAAAAMN!!! I'm deeply impressed. I have yet to get that endorphin rush folks be talking about. Of course, I guess I would have to actually EXERCISE first.
Liz Dwyer said…
That is fantastic news! Yay!

Oh yes, I used to zone out on the treadmill or the rowing machine --zone out while listening to hard-core techno, no less! It was a lot of fun and a lot cheaper than running around Manhattan!
Unknown said…
I enjoy reading about you. I stole from you so you know! Thanks for offering.
Ian Lidster said…
Yes, I definitely want to do this. Loved your list, but you are such an interesting person, why wouldn't I?
Liz Dwyer said…
Moody Gemini,
Such a cool blogger name! I like it! And glad you decided to do this one too. I'll come by and check it out!

I'm probably seeming more interesting because I can edit out all the really super boring stuff about myself. I hope I'm around in another ten years to do another one. But will I still be blogging in 10 years? Hmm... I'll come over and check out your list to give myself some ideas about more cool stuff I can do.
MartiniCocoa said…
-Listening to a lot of Hot 97 (Busta Rhymes had some hot stuff out then!)

I saw Busta in concert last week...he has a gut now.

Does melatonin really work?

and of the five places of where you have lived...which place is your favorite?
Liz Dwyer said…
Busta with a gut... who'd a thought we'd see that back in the Leaders of the New School days?

As far as favorite city? Hmm...I don't know. I like aspects of all of them. I'd say Montreal if it didn't get SO darn cold there in the winter. If I mixed Montreal's culture with LA's weather and flowers and Chicago's pizza we'd have a winner!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE that firm workout, Liz! I got it for Christmas, and it totally helped me survive a long and cold Chicago winter!

Liz Dwyer said…
I absolutely love their workouts! They really do work if you do them consistently and I never get bored with them.

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