I always carry a little notebook with me. I write down dreams, ideas, worries, things to do, music I like and books I want to read.

I also write down what people around me are saying.

I don't have to strain too hard to hear. These days, everyone seems to talk about everything in public. Here are a few recent things I've overheard:

One man at the grocery store, putting his case Corona on the conveyer belt and talking to the guy he's with: "She's not doing 'nothin for my kid with the money I give her. It goes straight to those Asian chicks that are doin' her nails. It's bullshit, man! Straight up bullshit!"

Have you ever been stood up by a date? Here's one man on his cell phone outside the Los Feliz 3: "You're not coming? Why? What are you talking about? What is there to talk about? I don't have anything to talk about. No, I already bought two tickets. Give it away? Oh, and what am I supposed to do, sit and watch the movie by myself? Fine. Fine."

One "friend" to another friend after a third friend got up to go to the ladies room at House of Pies: "She's so ridiculous. What a dumb-ass!"

Hmm. What do you say that other folks are writing down.

What do I say that other folks are writing down?


Sundry said…
Ooh, thanks. I love these. I want more. I want to put some on my blog! I do this all the time.

Yikes, the poor stood-up guy.
* said…
I once heard, "...blah blah blah anything's possible--just don't shoot me." (A man on a cell phone getting into a cab)

Love your blog!!!
the last noel said…
These are hilarious. I've been in literary situations where writers have said the most funny things. One (in)famous editor said to a bestselling author: "Don't worry. You'll get laid tonight."
Great way to be a writer! Keep it up!

I carry a notebook so that I can poetry if my muse strikes me!

Chk out rooted.

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