The Luck of the Irish Never Goes Out of Style

It's college football season. With the number of games on, I could spend my entire Saturday watching football all day and all night. I don't have to waste my time with all the other teams. There's only one team I watch: Notre Dame.

Since I'm half-Irish, I am clearly genetically programmed to believe that Notre Dame should win. It also doesn't hurt that my dad went to school there. In fact, my parents got married on campus at the log chapel. I grew up having Notre Dame blankets to cuddle in when I was sick. Now my dad teaches at Notre Dame. He's at tonight's game against Michigan State. I am busy text-messaging him.

When MSU scores, he gets a message like, "This is not looking good." When MSU intercepts the ball, I write, succinctly, "This sucks." When ND finally scored, I sent him, "Yeah!!! Boy!!!" Unfortunately, I've only sent that message three times.

He hasn't written back.

My dad is probably too busy trying to avoid having a heart-attack. You see, Notre Dame just scored on an 85-yard kickoff return. But wait, it won't count as a touchdown because of a holding flag on Notre Dame's side. Great.

I love these announcers on ESPN, "Folks, the wind has turned against Notre Dame." I don't think the wind is the only problem. Notre Dame is just getting killed.

Time to send my dad another message, "Charlie Weis is gonna get fired if they don't win."

UPDATE: I said it last year and I'll say it again: Quarterback Brady Quinn is my hero. There are now 37 seconds left in the game and ND is up by three. They scored 3 TD's in a little over five minutes! Clearly the luck of the Irish is in the house. But...having seen ND lose with 10 seconds left in the game, I am holding my breath.

Wait! Can it be? YES! Notre Dame has won, 40-37!!! Unbelievable!

My dad just replied to all my messages. His answer is actually just one word.



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