Martyr For Love

Pain. Suffering. Love. You've met them all before.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight for your listening pleasure, please let me introduce you to "Martyr"!

Yes, you guessed it. Depeche Mode has a new record coming out -"Martyr". It's not officially hitting stores till mid-November. BUT, don't worry. On the DM website,
there is a short MP3 sample of the song and a link to some software called Umix .

I've been busy for the past few hours using the software to tear the snippet of "Martyr" down to vocals, then down to just the drums ,then down to just the bass line. After I got a feel for all the different components and how to use the software, I put it it back together the way I want the song to sound. I created three differerent remixes of "Martyr" -- And I burned them onto a cd so I can listen to them while I'm working out at the gym tomorrow.

I recommend you try it out. It's a bit addictive but so much fun.


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