Tomorrow I head to South Bend, Indiana for work. I'm going to be interviewing Notre Dame's applicants to TFA's 2006 corps. Fun. Fun. (I hope!) Why am I hoping? Well...I'm really not looking forward to this trip all that much. I was, but now I'm not. Why?

1) The family is all staying here in L.A. and so I'll be staying at my parent's house by myself.
2) It's really cold there. 19 or 20 degrees. I don't know if I'm ready for that. I turned on the furnace this morning because it was 55 degrees. My blood has thinned due to the Santa Ana's that were raging out here last week.
3) It'll be a whole week of not being awakend in the middle of the night by my kids! Hmm...this could be a good thing.
4) When I come home, my house is going to be a mess.
5) My kids will probably not brush their teeth or have their hair combed all week. Elarryo doesn't always remember these kinds of things.

I suppose it will all be fine, and before I know it, I'll be goin' back to Cali. ;)


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