Is Indiana A Red Or A Blue State?

After all the ranting during the last presidential election about the culture clash between the red states and the blue states, I find that I can't remember which color Indiana is supposed to be.
I can't speak authoritatively on the differences politically, but I am able to determine some differences between Los Angeles and South Bend on another level.

Appearance: Women look much less “done" here. How so? There are lots of fleece pullovers. Hair is cut in simple, feathery styles. Women go without make-up and there seems to be a lack of blinged out earrings and breast implants. Men wear sports gear... baseball hats are de riguer, particulary Notre Dame. So far, I haven't seen any metrosexual Ryan Secreast look-alikes (no waxed eyebrows, spray-on-tans and flat-ironed hair.)

Topograhpy: It's really flat here. No mountains. None. Something about those ice age glaciers that smashed everything.

Wildlife: Cardinals, bluejays and squirrels frolick playfully through the leafless trees and bushes.

Race: A greater number of my Caucasion brothers and sisters stare at me like they are shocked that I, a Sistah, speak Standard English.

Spanish: Where are my Latino brothers and sisters? There are no signs en Espanol. Anywhere. Ah, I am missing El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles.


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