I Don't Eat Turkey

Let me tell you about this Thanksgiving:

Gorgeous sunny skies. It's a BEAUTIFUL 75 degrees here in Los Angeles. No snow. No cold. I have on a tank top and some capri pants. The windows are thrown wide open to let the fresh air in. Oh I am having an I LOVE LA moment!!!

I'm busy dancing to Depeche Mode with my kids. I have five different DM cds in the player on random shuffle so we are having some fun. Right now we are listening to "Nothing's Impossible"

Even the stars look brighter tonight...nothing's impossible. If you believe in love at first sight...nothing's impossible.

Elarryo just said I am turning into an idol worshiper and lightning is going to come through the window and strike me. (but it's a sunny day!)

We are going to a friend's house later. Meaning that I just had some coffee with hazlenut creamer and I don't have to cook anything else if I don't want to. I don't eat turkey but who cares...Thanksgiving isn't about the food. It's about the fun! I hope you are having fun too.


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