Happy Birthday, Mr. T!


WARNING: This post may include excessive displays of mommy mushiness--the kind of mushiness that you see when a mommy realizes OMG, those annoying "enjoy the moments you have with your baby because in the blink of an eye he'll be all grown up," comments are true. 

Now that you've had your fair warning, awwwww! Mr. T, the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest, best eyelashes in Los Angeles-having baby turned 9-years-old today. I can hear him now: "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore. I'm almost double digits."

Sigh. In my mind, he still looks like this:

He gave me the best hug this morning and had this little smile like he was SO happy it was finally his birthday. I was smiling too...until he went up on the garage roof and refused to come down to go to school. "Section 189 prohibits kids from going to school on their birthdays," he claimed.

We were totally late but he batted those eyelashes at me and made me laugh. All day long he just had an energy that was so happy and so glad to be alive. I'm glad he's alive, too. He made me a better person when he was born. Someday he'll come to this site and read all the cheesy stories about him and his brother, Mr. O. He'll probably freak out a little, but I also hope he knows how much he's loved, now and forever.


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