Dear Dog: If You Even THINK About Chewing Up My Shoes, You'll Be Homeless

Back in the day, I used to have a whole bunch of cute shoes. Then two years ago I got a little chiweenie puppy, Andromeda. Goodbye, cute shoes.

As much as I love the dog, seriously, the shoe thing has been a sore spot for me. She doesn't chew up anybody else's shoes in this house--just mine--and she gets to them because I always take off my shoes when I come in the door.

I used to set them on a shoe rack by the door, and then Andromeda chewed her way through both the rack and most of my shoes. Some of them I managed to salvage by taking them to a great shoe repair guy. Others--like my favorite pair of hot pink heels--were beyond hope.

I mostly stopped buying cute shoes because I figured the dog would eventually launch a search and destroy mission. And then two months ago I saw the above pair of shoes in Anthropologie. I was immediately like, A. Why is this store so $$? B. Beam me up to shoe heaven because these are beautiful! C. I want to buy them. D. If I buy them, that damn dog will eat them...and then E. I will have to put her out.

Tonight I happened to be at The Grove with my boys and decided to drop by Anthropologie just so I could drool over the display pair of these shoes. I spent a few minutes massaging them and then I figured I'd try them on, just to see how they felt. Unfortunately, the salesperson said the only pair left was the display pair, which was a size 6.

I tried to jam my foot in that, but I wear size 8. It wasn't happening. I was so bummed out that he went and dug around some more till he found a couple other pairs. The stars aligned: one of them was a size 8 1/2. Fortunately, these shoes run a bit small so they fit!

I'm not normally an impulse shopper but I couldn't deal with the thought that if I didn't buy this pair of shoes, they'd be out of stock FOREVER. So I anted up and said, "I'll take 'em!" My sons could NOT believe I was buying something for myself that wasn't a book and that I was getting a pair of shoes from a store that was not Target.

Now I've turned into Cinderella dancing in her glass slippers! I want to sleep in these. I want to curl up with them and tell them how much I looove them and will protect them from that EVIL creature with four legs who'd pass up beef jerky in favor of my shoes.

So, I'm sticking these beauties back in their box and putting that on top of a tall dresser. There's no way the dog can get them there. I'm going to wear them to work tomorrow and then when I get home, they'll go back in the box. If she manages to get them somehow, you all can rest assured that the next post you read here is a notice for pet adoption.


nick said…
Ooh such beautiful shoes, Liz. I do hope Andromeda doesn't get at them! She needs a crash course in respect for beautiful objects, lol!

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