Gettin' the Holy Ghost: I Cry Every Time I Go See Prince

One of the many awesome things about living in Los Angeles is that the Jimmy Kimmel show has FREE mini-concerts. I've seen a bunch of cool bands that way. For free. Last night, Prince was in the house. Because I live most of my life online, I was trolling the interwebs right when the show got announced and scored some tix. LUCKY!

Spying on him during soundcheck was in full effect and I sounded a l'il stalkerish:
I claim my stalker status--it was ALL worth it! Prince ALWAYS puts on an amazing show. Part of it aired on TV. But when Jimmy Kimmel went off the air, Prince kept on jammin'. A ton of people recorded footage, some of 'em put it up on'll probably be down by tomorrow because, as those of you who follow Prince know, the man doesn't play with footage of his performances floating around there. Watch this one while you can:

At some point during him singing C-O-O-L, I totally started crying. Indeed, over the past decade I've seen Prince every time he's played Los Angeles and I cry every time. It's getting the Holy Ghost musically, I suppose. Watch that video and I bet you'll understand why.


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