When Your Best Friend Moves Away

I just finished crying.

Actually, I've been a watering pot off and on over the past couple of weeks because my best friend here in Los Angeles is moving out of state for work. Tonight was the last time I'll see her for quite awhile, and I'm pretty miserable over it.

What's especially sad is that we never got together as much as we should have. We are both super busy and in desperate need of clones, and when someone's around all the time, it's easy to think that you'll always get to see them.

Then life happens and suddenly, the friend that you always assume you'll see next week--or in a couple of weeks--the friend you've been to Depeche Mode concerts with, and can count on to go see both art house films AND slightly cheesy period pieces with Orlando Bloom, is packing her bags.

I've been in denial for weeks--thinking this move wasn't really going to happen. Or that I would somehow win the lottery and pay her to just stay here in LA. (Gee, I wonder why THAT scheme didn't work out?)

Yes, I know there is Skype, Facebook, G+ and the phone...but it's just not the same. I'm really going to miss her.


nick said…
I know what you mean. Our good friend from Melbourne was staying with us in July and now she's back in Australia. Skype is good but just not the same as seeing her in the flesh....
Sarkari said…
yeah i can feel what u r saying,i m also working too far from my home town an i am mission my friends deadly dude.love u all and miss you all

Sarkari Naukri
Liz Dwyer said…
But I suppose Skype is better than nothing...besides, she's already seen me without my hair combed, so I won't scare her on Skype if I look a hot mess sometimes! ;)

Hopefully you will get to see your friends soon. Imagine what things would've been like 100 years ago? Or even 20 years ago with no cell phones and long distance so expensive? I certainly wrote lots of letters!
Dena said…
i'm going through this very thing right now too! i have two more weeks with my friend & my heart is heavy. tears have been off & on as well. sigh.

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