Forget Elvis and Madonna: Something Else Significant Happened Today

August 16th.

Depending on what you're into, you either spent today mourning Elvis's death--unless you're Michelle Bachmann and you think he was born today--or dancing around singing your favorite Madonna song in honor of her 53rd birthday.

Well, steel yourself because the real significance of this auspicious August date is that 42 years ago, the two hottest parents on the planet--mine--tied the knot.

Look at how cute they are:

But the truth is that cute isn't what makes a couple stay together for over four decades. Congrats to them both and love, love, love!


Unknown said…
YAY! And Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad Losangelista!!!
Logical Libby said…
That's awesome. My parents are on 40. I still can't wrap my mind around it.
Nerd Girl said…
Aint love grand? Congratulations and kudos to your parents!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks, y'all! It is a wonderful thing, for sure. Wish I'd been able to be with them to celebrate.

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