Get Your Party Dress On: Los Angelista Is Turning Seven

Seven years ago this month I decided to do something I'd been mulling over for weeks: I clicked "create" and this blog was born.

It was, hands down, the easiest birth I'd ever participated in.


I could take the idea of a blog being a baby and turn it into a seriously extended metaphor, but I will spare us all the pain of me figuring out what the blog equivalent of changing diapers or managing temper tantrums may be.

But since it's Los Angelista's seventh birthday, that means good luck, right? I figure some fun giveaways from companies I like, as well as from some of my talented friends who actually know how to do and make cool stuff, are on deck for this month.

Some extra special posts are also in order--I might even write an epic Seven Things I've Learned Over Seven Years of Los Angelista post. Heck, I know what number one on that list is right now:
  1. Don't be afraid to write that epic fangirl blog post where you say "OMG!!! I met Martin Gore! And whoooo mama, he is HAWT! And nice. And he shook my hand! And I wanted his outfit! And he has the best black clothes on the planet. And he signed my journal!!! And ZOMG, we have a picture together! And we were breathing the same air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Yeah, forget that scholarly "what I've learned" crap. Clearly, I just need to write
Seven Depeche Mode
Fangirl Blogging Moments
I Will Never Apologize For
So Suckit
If You Don't Like It

And who knows, if I can work things out, maybe by the time the month ends, I'll have a new site design because I think this baby needs a new outfit.


Unknown said…
Happy 7th Losangelista!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks! I have 17 days till the official birthday so there is plenty of time to celebrate!
Anonymous said…
Happy 7th anniversary! I love the picture of your son as your avatar, since I know they are both quite a bit bigger now. :-)
Logical Libby said…
I just found your blog recently. I knew I would love it the moment I saw the Depeche Mode sidebar. That post makes me love it even more.

Happy 7!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you! Sometimes I think about changing that avatar, but I love that picture of Mr. T. Just love it. :)

Logical Libby,
Glad you found me, and glad to e-meet a fellow DM lover!
Tafari said…
It's been a fun ride Liz! I still remember the 1st blog post that I read of yours after a Trip to NOLA post Katrina.

Your writing style had me hooked. Now, you're just my home girl.

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