Tech Amazeballs: I Still Can't Believe I Can Be Online on a Plane

I'm on a United flight from Los Angeles to the Big Apple and I'm having one of those moments where I'm thinking about how much technology has changed since I was a kid. For example, when I was 10

1) Laptops did not exist
2) Blogging online did not exist
2.5) Twitter wasn't even though of.
3) Wifi was only on Star Trek.
4) I'd never ridden on a plane.

Yes, boys and girls, When I step back and think about it, I'm shocked by the rapid pace of technological innovation just in the time since my 10th birthday. Heck, when I was 10, cable TV was the hot new thing.

My eldest son, Mr. O, turned 10 yesterday and I can't help but wonder how much things will change by the time he's in his late 30s and I'm in my, gulp, late 50s.

He asked me the other day, "Mom, are you still gonna listen to Depeche Mode when you're an old lady?"

Of course I will.

"Will you still listen to that trance stuff all the time and run marathons?"

Now that, I have no idea. Who knows if trance music will even exist in 20 years. And who knows if I'll be running marathons. Heck, I'm not even running now since I'm still under a ban from my doctor till I can get more tests done to figure out what's going on with my crazy heart attack symptoms that, fortunately, aren't a heart attack.

"It's probably just stress, mom," says my son. "You should take it easy. Try to relax and sleep more."

My wise 10-year-old son is on the right track. He's thinking what I'm thinking, but that is, of course, easier said than done.

In 20 years when he's my age, and doing whatever job he ends up doing, I hope technology has advanced enough so that he can just push a button and something will clean his house. Or am I the only one waiting for the robot maid?

I also want those outfits they had in Tron. Those bodysuits were cool--and if they adjust to the outside temperature, even better...because I'm going to NYC and, from what you all are telling me online, it's so cold I need two coats.

You know what I'd really take right now? A laptop battery that could last the whole flight. Peace out!


Jameil said…
LOL. This was a funny post. I feel like I shouldn't have so much to do so I could come up to DC to see you since you're on the east coast! Better laptop batteries need to be in the near future! Preferably later this evening!
Liz Dwyer said…
I wish! That would be fun.

Yeah, my laptop battery is lame. It barely lasts an hour. I think it's just old. :)
The technology has been so advanced. I can see 20 years from now, you are right that your son will have a robot maid which will clean the house for him. Funny but for real. :)
nick said…
When I was 10, TV itself was the hot new thing! People have made so many predictions about the future, and most of them turn out to be wrong. The really big developments aren't predicted by anyone, they just spring out of nowehere. Like the internet.
Liz Dwyer said…
Los Angeles Maids,
My son will SO enjoy having a robot maid. Gosh, when I get old, I'm gonna go live with him.

I love it. We take TV for granted and forget that it was once the cutting edge of tech. I think you're right about the predictions. None of us know what's going to be the next big thing.
sundry said…
Tech is amazing... I remember a high school Algebra teacher circa 1978 holding up a huge calculator and telling us one day we'd all have one. I wondered why I'd want one. Ha. Little did we know.

Healthwise...Have you tried yoga? If you want a friend to go with you, I'd come to a yoga place near you. Yoga + cardio has helped me deal with my stress, and I'm now able to do my own home yoga practice between classes.

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