The Best New Year's Resolution Ever for 2011

Happy New Year!

So, it's almost the end of New Year's Day and I have yet to come up with any...


Resolutions are supposed to be about getting rid of bad habits or beginning to do something positive.

Hmm. I have goals I want to achieve. I
always have those. I don't save goal setting for January 1.

So, the only thing I can think of is, "get buns of steel," mostly because I feel a little jello-y right now. But, getting buns of steel isn't exactly the most noble-or most original-resolution on the planet.

The buns of steel thing makes me feel selfish. Like I'm such an L.A. diva working myself into a tizzy over whether or not my ass is taut, muscular and... yeah. I feel the need to pick up some dumbbells and do some squats.

But since it's almost midnight, screw that.

I'd like to volunteer at least once a month and read a book a week. However, two people told me today that setting resolutions is a bad idea because if you don't keep them, you feel even more demoralized than you did before.

If that's the case, the best resolution I've heard so far comes from my son, seven year-old Mr. T. His resolution is a doozy:
Watch as much TV as possible in my underwear.
The minute he said it, I figured, why not? A good dose of TV in my undies sounds relaxing. It means I'm under the blankets in bed. Sleep might be just over the horizon.

Admit it. My son is a genius. I mean, when I think about it, wow, I can achieve that resolution. It's easily attainable and if, for some reason, I manage not to do it every day, I'm not going to feel bad.

If your resolutions-like losing 10 pounds, exercising every day, quitting junk food, writing the Great American Novel, and ending world hunger-start to feel a little overwhelming, just remember Mr. T's sage advice: undies and TV for the win.


Kate said…
and a little child will lead the way...gotta love it. thanks for the smile!
nick said…
Nothing wrong with a totally self-centred resolution like wanting buns of steel as long as you're also doing more altruistic things. Which I know you are. Like fighting against education cutbacks and pushing for the best possible schooling for your kids. And supporting campaigns against child hunger. So no worries!

Of course now I'm looking forward to seeing the buns of steel....
Jameil said…
I imagine setting resolutions is demoralizing if you enter with the idea that you're going to fail. I get so frustrated with resolution/goal naysayers. WHATEVER your goal is, you certainly can't achieve it if you don't set it!!! And you can't change if you're too afraid to say it out loud!
Amber Avines said…
Liz, very glad you followed me on Twitter. Love your bio and had to check out your blog.

As for resolutions, I say stick with ones you KNOW are attainable:

Gain 10 pounds.
Start smoking.
Get into a really bad relationship.

See, success at last!

P.S. On a note related to the bio on your blog, specifically the vegan thing, the last new year's resolution I made was to become a vegetarian. That was a long time ago and probably the only one I've ever kept ;-)

Nice to meet 'cha!

Liz Dwyer said…
You're welcome! He makes me smile so many times a day. ;)

I look forward to seeing the buns of steel, too! I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them appear!

That's what I think as well. Setting goals is fun-as long as there's a plan for accomplishing them. Otherwise, it would be totally demoralizing!

Welcome, and so nice to meet you as well. Ha, those resolutions are HIGHLY attainable-but I already did the gain 10 pounds one last year because a knee injury took me out of running commission and good grief, getting those 10 pounds off is a PAIN! Good for you for being vegetarian now. I've been veggie for 20 years now. I'd make the switch to vegan but I like mozzarella cheese and I like scrambled eggs. Otherwise, I'm there!

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