Dear NYC: I Didn't Sign up For Winter Wonderland

Dear New York City,

Care to explain yourself? I know it's winter and all but, ahem, what is THIS about? I mean, I'm not called Los Angelista for nothing. Yours truly hasn't seen snow up close and personal for three whole years.

Most days I just look at the snow on the tops of the mountains waaay to the northeast of my fair city. When I spot it, I say, "Aww, snow! Isn't it pretty?" and then I go put on a t-shirt, flip-flops and a pair of capri jeans.

I seriously did not enjoy slipping and falling on my ass at the corner of Broadway and White St tonight. All I wanted was to go to the Duane Reade, buy some trail mix and browse the magazines.

Instead I found myself making an impromptu snow angel....and now that I think about it, the experience wasn't that great. Snow angels can be MAJOR pills. And they're dirty...

Omigawd, was that a yellow stain on its cheek?


You probably believe God was sending me a sign that making snow angels needs to be my next career, don't you? Pfft! Save the snow for when someone else comes to town. And on that note, NYC, I bid you goodnight.


There is 19" in Central Park today alot more than there was last night! So how are you handling it today? Oh and walk slow...:)
Liz Dwyer said…

I made my escape! My flight was cancelled at JFK so I hightailed it to Penn Station bright and early. Caught a train!
Jameil said…
LOLOL. Come on NYC! So rude!
nick said…
Hi Liz, long time no see. Are you okay?

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