Dear Raphael Saadiq: You Lied to Me

Dear Raphael Saadiq,

Back in December 1990, you sang lead on the #1 song on the R&B charts:

20 years later, I would like to give you the finger gently point out that you, and the other members of Tony! Toni! Tone!, lied to me when you sang, "It Never Rains In Southern California".

Raphael, it's been raining for SIX full days here in Los Angeles. Our rain is so serious, even the New York Times is writing about it.

Roads are flooded, crazy LA drivers are hydroplaning on the freeways, and, worst of all, my dog refuses to go outside. I think she thinks I'm trying to stick her onto Noah's Ark.

If this keeps up, I might try to stick myself on the ark, too.

I know you and the other Tony's aren't reuniting anytime soon, but if you feel like making a comeback, I have a suggestion: Update your tune so that it's scientifically accurate. Get with the "Ten Inches of Rain Fell in Southern California" program.


Los Angelista

P.S. If you happen to see my umbrella around, holler at a sista, mmkay?


Jameil said…
LOL! In his defense, "It never rains in Southern California except a lot every few decades" is not nearly as catchy!!
nick said…
No no, you can't destroy my illusions. It never ever rains in Southern California. The sun beats down mercilessly and the locals wilt from heat exhaustion. That rain is a trick of the light.
Liz Dwyer said…
If he made a remix with Nicki Minaj and Drake on the track...and then throw Chrisette singing the hook-it would go platinum! ;)

Yes, I'm trippin. I have cabin fever.

I'm starting to forget that the sun even exists! But, with the strange weather we've had this year, this could be all the rain we get. We'll see!
sippinwineman said…
Sigh. After seeing this video, only NOW can I truly understand why folks (strangers) always thought I was gay.

Raphael didn't lie to you. Neither did the other two. The title is "It never rains in southern California", but that's only what "they tell me"


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