My Beautiful Sister!

Guys, I'm sorry, but the hot young lady on my left is already taken!

Yeah, can I brag for a moment about how ridiculously adorable and awesome my sister is? It's been a year since I've seen her, we just snapped this picture and I couldn't resist sharing my excitement with you all. She was out of town when I arrived yesterday so this is the first time I've seen her. No kidding, I jumped up and down with excitement!

And, check out how beautiful her hair is! She decided to go natural too and wowzer, I love her hair! We're going to a county fair tomorrow and we'll be like the afro twins up there! LOVE IT!!!
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Lotus Flower said…
Wow, you and your sis are looking hot! Those afros are fierce! Kind of reminds me of the Angela Davis pics.

Hope you're enjoying Chicago, Liz!
Lotus Flower said…
Have you guys been to the Chicago beach yet??
sippinwineman said…
Soooo, we can assume you're both taken. (If 'your sister' is the shorter of you two, *she's on your right*

I'm glad to hear you're having a good time. How's the goth god and the "buy me more clothes" kid?

Liz Dwyer said…
Hahaha! Thank you for saying so. I love her highlights. I'd do the them, too, but since I henna my hair, I can't. I'm having a great time... no beach yet because it's been SO freaking cold. Only in the 60's today. Plus I like going to the beaches on the other side of the lake in Michigan because they are CLEANER!

Well she's on myright but on your left, so that's why I said on the left! :)

Gothboy has been wearing lots of black and been going around singing his Three Days Grace songs. The other one has just been making everybody laugh with his antics! Good times all around!
nick said…
Already taken? Shucks, that's too bad....
Jen said…
You both look beautiful and so happy to be together again!
Unknown said…
I love sisters. I've got 3 brothers, whom I love dearly, but I always wanted a sister. I see my daughters together and my heart smiles. I hope they always love each other. Enjoy your sister and the rest of your family.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, she sure is, but that doesn't stop folks from flirting with her left and right!

Thanks! We are very, very happy! My sister is so cool! I love her! :)

Ms. Wooden Shoes,
Aww, that's so cute about your girls. You know how everybody always tells me to have another baby so I could have a girl, well, I'd have to have TWO girls so they could keep each other company!
pooneh said…
I always wished I had a sister! You look like you are having so much fun! enjoy, Cali will be here waiting when you get back.
Nerd Girl said…
Great picture! Like other commenters, I always wanted a sister - but I guess I'll keep my three little brothers, they're pretty awesome! Enjoy home :)
Anonymous said…
Your sis is ridulously adorable and awesome, but so are you. Seems to run in the family, it does.
Allison said…
Hi! I really love the photo. You both look fantastic. And I LOVE her hair.
Have a great time, and see you when we are all back, maybe late August.
Did you get the headset in time??
xoxo from Village Green.
Liz Dwyer said…
Last night the kids were all, "We miss Los Angeles!" before they went to bed. Awww! We are having a LOT of fun, but I miss it, too! We have to get together in August before school starts!

Nerd Girl,
Thanks! Three awesome brothers are a good thing. Come to think of it, I wouldn't have minded a bunch of brothers... I think! :)

LOL! Thank you! I 100% agree about her. I always wished I could look more like her.

Yes, I did get the headset on the day we left! It was perfect timing since our plane left so late. I'm so dumb...I should've just come over and picked it up! Anyway, isn't her hair fab? I don't think I can highlight because I use henna but I wish I could!

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