Stomach Ache

My stomach aches and it's all my fault.

I went to the county fair with my sister today and I ate SO much unhealthy food. I mean, I actually ate fried vegetables!

I seriously wouldn't be surprised if I turn into a piece of fried zucchini. Or maybe a piece of fried mushroom. But fried pickle??? Uh, nooo. Just like I said no to fried Oreos, fried Snickers bars and fried twinkies, fried pickle is not the business!

Maybe I can sleep it off?


nick said…
Even too much healthy food can be fatal. I stuffed myself with a delicious assortment of dried fruit on Thursday and felt totally bleuuuurgh the rest of the day until I slept it off. Hope you've slept it off too.
Remnants of U said…
See you wouldn't feel sick if you had offset the fried veggies with fried sugar. So either the fried snickers or the fried twinkies should have been eaten for medicinal purposes. LOL!

Oops! Laughter at your expense...not the way to make friends. I'm sorry. I hope you felt better once you woke up.
Liz Dwyer said…
That's so true, if you overeat anything, it makes you feel a little gross inside. I do feel much better now that I've slept, but I'm going for a good run just to make sure I've worked it all out of my system!

LOL! See, if only I'd had you there to advise me, I coulda avoided all the stomach issues!
Jen said…
I've been meaning to write to you hoping you might make the jaunt out to A2, but if you do, AVOID Blimpie Burger (and yes, they have veggie options) but those fried veggies are deadly. Truly. Delicious, but you feel them for days...

Ayup... you're back in the Midwest, alright.
I had a fried snickers once - what a strangely delicious thing.

Sorry about the belly ache, but it does sound like you're having a great time with your sister.
Anonymous said…
Evidently a hugely popular treat in Scotland is deep-fried Mars Bars. I believe massive coronaries come in at #2. But, admit it, Liz, it was fun, now wasn't it?
Liz Dwyer said…
I hope I can make it out there... it would be so nice. Ugh, I need a car!

Secret Agent Woman,
We had a FAB time... still are! We ran today and she is a MUCH faster runner. I thought I was gonna die.

I did not try the fried snickers. I opted for "Elephant Ears". Totally delish!

Fried Mars Bars! Yes, those sound as coronary inducing as the fried twinkie, snickers and oreos!

The fair was very, very fun but goodness, it was the kind of belly ache where you know if you could just vomit, you'd instantly feel better!

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