Los Angeles: Where The City Can't Pay For Schools, But...

Please, someone, tell me it's the City of Los Angeles putting these Michael Jackson memorial tickets on Ebay. Because if it is, I'm okay with the city spending whatever it's going to spend tomorrow on all the police and services.

If it's not, well, last time I checked, Los Angeles is BROKE! We're so broke we couldn't even pay for the Laker's NBA championship parade. How'd that get financed? A private donor ponied up $1 million for that.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still so sad about Jackson's untimely death and I loved his music. Off The Wall and Thriller are probably two of the best albums of all time. And yes, a star of his magnitude should be recognized. However, I'm also all about prioritization because Los Angeles is broke with a capital B.

How broke?

How about Los Angeles is SO broke, I'm scared to drive in the right lane on parts of Beverly Boulevard because the potholes are so bad.

You don't care about potholes? Ok, how about city employees are getting laid off left and right so if you call for anything, you get automated messages. Those that still have jobs are being forced to take UNPAID furlough days.

Don't care about automated messages and furlough days? Well, I hope you care about education and kids because Los Angeles is SO broke the school district laid off thousands of teachers, increased class sizes, and canceled summer school.

BUT, we have the money to pay for police and city services for a memorial for Michael Jackson? I'm kinda not okay with that. Alright, not "kinda". I'm really not okay with that. The man deserves to be honored, but if it's going to cost millions of dollars to do it, maybe Plan B should've been considered.


April said…
Totally with you on this one. I mean, it's sad about his death and all, but we've lost all perspective when days after his death, the day that we turn over control to the Iraqis, they're STILL reporting on Jackson first. And that's one thing: what you're talking about is even more serious because it's prioritizing a pop star over our children's education. I'm not okay with it, either.
Shiona said…
I agree! When I heard they were offering free tickets. I was like even if they charge only $5 they would make some money at least. I said the same thing about the Lakers parade. Just charge $1 and that would help. Of course Villaraigosa says the city of LA needed the parade to help the economy. I wonder what he would say about this. I think those thousands of people who now have no money to buy anything would have better contributed to the economy. (I didn't even count the people making less because of unpaid furlough days)

Personally I'm dealing with information overload as far as his kids and custody and all that. I'm sorry he's gone and I'll enjoy his music.
Srsly. {shaking head sadly} When are we *ever* going to get our act (read: priorities) together in this country? Sigh.
Lotus Flower said…
No wonder California is so bankrupt right now. So much for that "Governator". Pft.

It reminds me of people I know who'll fork over $2,000 for rims on a car but won't pay their light bill. We're in a RECESSION people. Start acting like it!
Mes Deux Cents said…

I agree with you. I think that all of these singers (read Beyonce) who are going on and on about how MJ inspired them should get together and pay for all of this.
Ingrid said…
i agree with Mes Deux Cents. wow, illinois has problems but dang. so maybe relocating to LA is not the best idea? hmmmm.
pooneh said…
I can't begin to imagine a worse use of resources given the current circumstances....
Liz Dwyer said…
A whole lot of stuff gets prioritized over education, doesn't it? I have not been paying attention to the news over the past few days. I had NO idea we turned control over to the Iraqis. Wow.

Yup. I love LA, but sometimes this city... ugh!

Well, I'm sure Villaraigosa is saying that tourists will bring in TONS of $ to offset the police costs, but how about charge AND have the tourist $. It is definitely information overload. I can't keep up with who did/said what so I just stopped trying.

That's a GREAT question. First we'd have to AGREE on what our priorities are, and there doesn't always seem to be all that much agreement on those.

You know? And whomever came up with our budget process should have to wear a dunce cap for eternity! Yeah, I know some of those rim sporting, broke azz folks! Ugh! Grow up!

Ha! Best idea I've read all day!

Isn't that a great idea? $10K everytime they say how much Michael Jackson influenced them.

I think you should DEF move to LA. It's broke but gorgeous!

I hear lots of folks called and complained to city hall, but it makes no difference. Just seems like bad planning AND bad use of resources.
nick said…
I've been reading about California's dire economic situation. If that's their sense of priorities, it's not surprising they're in a mess. Why should LA spend anything on Michael Jackson? Their job is to provide good public services, not to commemorate musicians. Crazy.
Anonymous said…
i just posted about exactly the same thing
Liz Dwyer said…
I read this morning that a couple members of the LA City Council have called on AEG to pay for the memorial since they own the Staples Center and are the ones who chose that venue. One even suggested taking them to court to recoup the costs. I say, "Good!"

Yep, I think a lot of us are not feeling this when our kids are getting the shaft in the schools.
thailandchani said…
When social services are cut to the bone, kids and adults aren't getting needed health care and police departments are being deeply cut, I just can't see this kind of frivolous spending as anything short of criminal.

The guy was a musician! Come on!


Jen said…
No matter how talented Jackson was, and he was among the most influential artists of all time, he's not a head of state, he wasn't a national hero, and to pay money for this when social services are being thrown in the dumpster is just so wrong on so many levels. So, the estate is worth 500 million, Jackson is in debt for 400 million - that leaves 100 million, right? I think maybe the estate should be paying for the security, etc.
It's unbelievable to me. This is also true if Britney Spears decides to take her undies off again or Paris Hilton finds another boyfriend or whatever else.

I think it should be like search and rescue. You make the situation by being stupid? You pay the bill.

Mr. Jackson's estate can afford to pay for these services.
Anonymous said…
I've got my problems with this whole memorial crap because as a private citizen requesting a police escort for a funeral that is expected to be somewhat large YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE POLICE.
I also would like to point out thatthe Lakers parade did cost the city about $150K because the private donors didn't come up with all the money. It also cost private citizens a significant chunk of change when the police weren't around for accidents, break ins and the like.

In the midst of this Palin resigned from office, 8 American soldiers were killed in Iraq, and there was an amber alert in the city that was totally botched because the billboards were advertising michael jackson junk.
Lola Gets said…
Yeah, I heard the police force alone cost the city @ $2 million. That sucks.

Liz Dwyer said…
I think he deserved to be honored but AEG should've stepped up to foot the bill, not the people of Los Angeles. And definitely not the children of LA.

The estate could definitely pay. Some folks say since Jackson has been paying taxes in Cali for years, he already has paid. I say that's b.s. A funeral home isn't going to let you have your funeral home there unless the family of the deceased pays for it. So why did the City of Los Angeles not say the same? And as much as Jackson loved charities and children, I wonder would the current budget choices being made have been okay with him. I guess we'll never know.

Yep, all of that celeb drama gets policed by the LAPD, and paid for by city residents. :(

Yep, private citizens DO have to pay for that... but if not, can I request a police escort thru LA traffic at all times? I could really use that, especially on the Westside.

Some estimates are saying the whole tab might pan out to $4.5 million. Not cool at all.

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