Don't Worry, Just Run!

A few words of advice: Before beginning a 24 mile run, DO NOT drop your phone into a public toilet at the Santa Monica Senior Center.

If you do make this grave error, only reach in and grab your phone if there is nothing else but water in the bowl. If there's anything else in there already, you're probably just gonna have to bite the bullet. Do you really want to put a phone that's been sloshing against, uh, other stuff, next to your cheek?

I didn't think so.

But what about sloshing against the water?

I'll bet you're saying to yourself, "Los Angelista, there's not just water in there. There's been other stuff in there! What about germs???"

Indeed, if general toilet germs are on your mind, you have a choice to make. Do you really want to lose ALL the numbers in your phonebook? Do you really want to have to drop deniro on a new phone in this economy? Or are you just gonna wipe that bad boy down with rubbing alcohol and spray it with Lysol?

So, if you decide to reach in and rescue the phone, immediately take the battery and sim card out, dry everything off and put it all in your jacket pocket. Don't stress out! Trust me, everything will begin to dry out over the course of your 24 mile run.

Go ahead and enjoy the run. To distract yourself from thinking about your phone, here's some things you can do:

1) Look at the lovely waves crashing against the beach.

2) Give high-fives to random people you pass while running.

3) Talk to your fellow runners about whether or not they're doing the Pasadena Marathon.

4) Complain about how hot it is while feeling oh so sorry for those people you know in the Chicagoland area who got 10-14 inches of snow.

5) Listen to your favorite music while you're running. And in the last mile, throw on a little Roisin Murphy on repeat:

In fact, sing it out loud because you're in the last mile of a 24 mile run. Don't worry about the crazy looks you may be getting and don't worry about your phone!

After your run, drive home, throw that phone and all it's parts in a bowl with some rice. Make sure to cover everything up completely with the rice.

Then go ahead and take an ice bath, a hot shower and chill out with a bowl of vegetable soup. Vegetate on the couch for a couple of hours and then pass out and sleep for 16 hours straight. Try not to dream about the phone.

Then, when you wake up in the morning, take the phone out of the rice, put the parts back together and charge it.

Once it's fully charged, call someone to make sure it works. I called my sister. If yours works, three cheers and you get to talk to your sister like I did.

But if yours doesn't work, well, I hate to break it to you: you put your hand in a public toilet for nothing. Sorry. But at least you ran 24 miles!


Malik Akbar said…
Wow, mad props to the choreographer for that video, because Roisin can't dance a lick. Not a slam, just an observation. And mad props to you for your 24 miler :)
Congrats on 24 miles!

I lost my phone due to an unfortunate toilet mishap. Thankfully the toilet was my own, and it was in the unused water, but still ... also lost another phone in a dumpster incident.
Michele said…
Wow - you rock! 24 miles...I could only dream.

I washed my husband's brand new, shiny cell phone once...and he didn't even get mad at me. Needless to say, that my ultra-heavy duty cleans off crazy kid gunk washer annihilated his cell.
Call Family said…
That was a much more entertaining video than the last one you posted of her. Kind of reminds me of a family member, don't you think? Not the singing though. You have amazing luck. As I read I would have guessed the phone was a gonner.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL! Roisin can dance! She just, er, dances creatively! It is a good fan-made video though, isn't it?

You know, I felt pretty good at the end so I almost decided to keep running for another 2.2, just to do a marathon distance, but I'll save that for a couple weeks from now! :)

Not tellin' you my name,
So you didn't go after yours and it was at home in your own toilet? And you must tell what happened with the dumpster. What does a dumpster accident look like?

You could totally do it if you train for it. If I can do 24 miles, anybody can! But as far as the phone, I don't know if mine could last a round through the washer, but this one has also been dropped in the kitchen sink. I love my Cherry Blossom Tattoo Razr!! An extra incentive to save it is that it's been discontinued.

LOL, yes, it's much more upbeat than the official video. She does remind me of a family member. I think because she just comes across as so down to earth. I do have amazing luck as far as this phone goes. My last phone before this one died after going to New Orleans due to the humidity! It sure wouldn't have survived a toilet!
sippinwineman said…

you listen to Roisin Murphy?!

Liz Dwyer said…
Sure do listen to her. I love, love, LOVE Roisin Murphy. I could go on for awhile about how much I love her, but I'll just stop right now.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shiona said…
So glad you got your phone to work and ran 24 miles. Just awesome!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks! I am glad both the phone and the run came together. You just gotta believe it can happen and not worry too much! :)
Isn't there an official video for this song? Sorry about your phone. Glad you know about the rice. I dropped my Blackberry a year ago and just went on and got a replacement. I let it dry out for a month because I'd tried to use it when it was still wet and it worked fine! So now I have 2 phones, but the trackball lcd light burnt out. Anyway my contract expires in 2 months and I want a Blackberry Bold or something. Actually I want a Nokia N95 but I'd have to buy it outright and at $500 that's not gonna happen. Glad to know you're still running!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the run!

I ran my phone through the washing machine and did justthat - took out the battery and Sim card and let it dry, and re-started it. Amazingly it still works although the speaker cone was a boo damaged and the sound quality isn't as good as it was.
Anonymous said…
Hey I like that song! Awesome job running 24!!!
Unknown said…
I WAS SO CHEERING FOR YOU ~ until you mentioned our snow (more on the way at 3pm) and I thought about how all of our backs ache, EVEN WITH yoga stretches and whiskey! Just kidding, YOU GO!!!

My son drops his phone in the toilet too, all the time, only downfall is when it finally quit working (he dropped it on a hard surface and the charge hole thingy broke) they popped it open and showed the sensor in it that shows its been wet, so I had to pay $50 to get it fixed

You can do anything else I guess and insurance will cover, just dont get it wet or the phone spy will out you!

Jameil said…
lolol. congrats on the milestone!! YOU ROCK! (can't say it enough) re: toilet phone. i have mulled over this and i still don't have an answer. aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! what was the rice for? so confused.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yes, there is an official video... but I like this unofficial one too. I like to mix it up a bit! :) My contract will expire in July so I'll be in a better position to bargain for a free phone. It just seems insane that we should be expected to pay so much for them. And the whole water thing... can't they make them waterproof! (I know, I'm asking for a miracle!)

Wow, a washing machine? Now THAT is miraculous! I wouldn't expect mine to work after going through the washer. Whew! And thank you for the congrats! :)

Thanks, honey! And I looove that song. Next video I send you of me, I'm gonna dance to that one instead of the Crystal Castles song.

LOL, oh yes, shoveling all that snow is a workout for sure! You're gonna have the muscles to prove it!

Rice sucks moisture out of stuff so I figured it would suck any bits of moisture out of the insides of the phone. And it worked!
April said…
Wow. Congrats! On SO many levels!
Liz Dwyer said…
I guess those degrees are good for something! Book learning! :)

Thank you! :)

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