Death To The Drum Circle Across The Street

Dear Neighbors Across The Street,

We've never met or spoken in person but I'm starting to really grasp that you like drumming. In fact, you like drumming SO much that you host drum circles at your apartment every couple of days. And not only do you drum, y'all also howl like you're possessed by werewolves.

You and your friends started drumming and howling around 8 pm this evening. Now it's midnight. Aren't you tired of being ethnic and bohemian yet?

I know it's Saturday night and you're trying to get your groove on. But really, four hours of this is making my head spin around like Linda Blair's in the Exorcist.

I don't want to have to call the LAPD non-emergency number again like I did the other night. It is rather embarrassing to tell my local cops, "Um, my neighbors have been drumming and howling for hours and I want them to stop." Trust me, I held my phone up to the open window for them to hear what's floating across the street, just so the cops wouldn't think I'm crazy.

I know I might come across as the cranky old lady across the street, but, I'm begging you: Shut the drum circle down!


Los Angelista

P.S.: When you shut down the drum circle, there's no need to keep the howling going. Just wanted to be clear on that. Thanks!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for reminding me of one advantage to living in a non-descript suburb! Hope you got some sleep!
Anonymous said…
It's totally anti-social, just don't put up with it (well, I'm sure you won't). Just call every relevant organisation - police, environmental health, local authority, residents' association if there is one, until they can't stand being harassed any longer.

We had to do the same in London when the neighbours downstairs had all-night parties several times a week.
Jen said…
That sounds lousy. And yes, keep calling that non-emergency number, because if it becomes a pain for the police, then they will respond more "clearly" to the drum circle folks.
April said…
Ugh. Good luck with that.
Mes Deux Cents said…

I am So with you on this. The reason I moved from my last place was because of noise.

I would talk with other people in my building about the constant (unnecessary) noise from a business next door and I realized that they were annoyed by it but never called the police.

I couldn't believe I was the only one picking up the phone and calling the police. That's when I realized I needed to move.

It seems that some people are so used to noise that even when it annoys them they just deal with it.

I grew up in a nice quiet area so I didn’t develop that kind of tolerance. I hate unnecessary noise!

So keep calling the police. Hopefully your neighbors will get tired of getting shut down and also maybe the police will ticket them for disturbing the peace.
sippinwineman said…
Have you tried to talk to the drummers? See if they could shorten the hours? Start earlier?

I'm just thinking that THAT could be a good start to a compromise.
Anonymous said…
But what if they are werewolves? Then you have an even bigger problem on your hands.
Anonymous said…
This is so funny... someone I follow on Twitter just posted a message along the lines of really enjoying the sounds of the drum circle across the street floating in through her window. I thought to myself: thank god I don't live on your street!

Sadly, I'd rather have your drum circle than the a-hole neighbor I've got next door who's constantly fixing his car, and revving his engine at all hours of the night, directly under my bedroom window. Some people just have no respect and could care less if they're disturbing the whole neighborhood.
Shiona said…
I would keep calling the non emergency number as well. They should pass some sort of legislation for bad neighbors. They just did that in my town but it really doesn't help those of us in apartments. And I'm sick of hearing this idiot mayor go on about Section 8 housing, like that's the root of the whole problem. What couold they possibly be doing for four hours?!

Good luck. Hope you can get some sleep.
Ingrid said…
"aren't you tired of being ethnic and bohemian yet?" (best line i've read all day)

clearly they are all about the noise they're making and not about community building (or common consideration for that matter).

if they are werewolves, they should be afraid of their neighbors harboring silver bullets. wait that's not very nice or very humane. maybe animal control can come and spay or neuter them. i hear that calms them down.
Liz Dwyer said…
I blocked it out by putting my headphones on and turning on some Depeche Mode. I fell asleep to that!

I don't mind sometimes because I know this is a youngish, artsy neighborhood, but goodness, the amount of time it goes on just gets to be overload. I feel bad bothering the cops because I know they have other things to do but really, it's just to much.

Times must be tough because they used to go all out and get a DJ or guitarist to come and play along with them. They haven't done that in a couple of months though. Whatever it is, I wish they'd be too broke for the drums, too.

Thanks. I just wish they'd think about how the rest of the neighborhood might not want to hear all this all freakin' night!

Yes, I think folks just accept that if you live in the city, and in this neighborhood, you're gonna get noise. I don't think anybody minds parties and what not but the drumming and howling all the time is just over the top. But no moving will be happening anytime soon. Rent control is too nice.

Once last year when they were having a particularly rowdy party on a weeknight, I went and asked them to quiet down and they did not. And I don't mind them drumming but when even my kids are complaining about the noise, I know it's gone on too long and is too loud.

LOL, wouldn't that be some scary, sci-fi/horror type of stuff! :) Whew, I hope not!

Do they live in LA? Maybe drum circles are the new hipster thing? I think I'd rather have the drum circle than the guy fixing his car too. That sounds sooo annoying!

LOL, section 8 housing is not the problem around here, that's for sure. I think the bigger problem is that these are over-privileged hipsters who think they're being sooo cool. Drives me nuts.

Well, it'll only be a few years till they give up the bohemian thing and decide to go get their JD/MBA because they need more "stability", so maybe I can last till that happens. Sigh!
Nerd Girl said…
You make me "heart" my neighbors - who have an average combined age of . . . 162! Drumming and howling - man, I miss CA!!!
Anonymous said…
Haha... yeah, they live near Venice Beach where apparently the inevitable drum circles are unavoidable!

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