Observations, Yes. Generalizations, Maybe.

1) When will the world have enough bling? Blinged out cell-phone holders. Baby pacifiers with bling. Little boys putting foil in their mouths as fake bling. When will it end? I saw this poster on another blog and decided to put it on mine. Absolutely love it.

2) Do all the Black folks who devotedly go to church on Sunday avoid purchasing or reading books by Zane? I mean, Black women go to church in droves. We now live in the age of the mega-church. I met a lady last week who attends Creflo Dollar's church in Atlanta. Imagine a church with 25,000 members. That's the size of that church. I wonder what percent of attendees are women and what percent are men. Oh wait...I think all Black men are supposed to be too busy being incarcerted former pimps on the down-low to go to church...but I digress.

So, if these same church-ladies don't read Zane, just who is it that is keeping these truly awful books (someone gave me one as a gift and she really is a horrible writer) on the bestseller lists in Essence? Zane is, of course, a fake name but she had this one-page article in the most recent issue of Essence about the breakup of her marriage. Is she really surprised that her marriage ended? I mean, about a year or two ago, she ran her picture in Essence and I'm sorry, but if that were my mom or my wife, I would have been so embarrassed. She tried to front like the husband was not the man she married and had issues. Okaay. Zane girl, maybe he's just tired of having you sit around writing really bad pornography.

3) Speaking of the latest issue of Essence...I found it highly interesting that covergirl Lauren Hill kept pontificating about how she needed to be real and was in this fight to love herself...and there she is wearing a wig. And it was one of the wackest-looking wigs on the planet. I guess the wig is somehow a part of self-love. I know, Lauren should have the right to wear whatever she wants on her head. Wigs, weaves, dreds, whatever. I'm a hater for critiquing another Black woman's hair choices. I mean, after all, no one cares when Paris Hilton puts in a weave, right?-- it's just that Lauren always fronts like she's so above it all. Her whole attitude is annoying.

4) When's Halle Berry gonna become a UN Goodwill Ambassador...or don't Black actresses get to do that? Angelina Jolie is a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Nicole Kidman is now a UN Goodwill Ambassador. I mean, Halle's got an Oscar just like the other two. Maybe the folks who appoint actresses to these posts are concerned that, you know, war refugees, AIDS patients and NGO heads around the world will tune out when she's talking to them/visiting impoverished areas of the globe, and instead they will be envisioning Halle's down and dirty sex scene from Monster's Ball.

5) Have you seen the cover of Newsweek? The one with the tough looking White boys on it? Yes, Black folks are still the canaries in the coal mine. The typical American, upon even reading the TITLE of Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu's classic series, Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys would be inclined to say, "That's racist." or, "That's separatist." Oh, but wait...now that White boys are being impacted as well by the way our educational and social systems are run...it makes the cover of Newsweek! The theories the article gives and the suggestions it offers...wait, did they read Dr. Kunjufu's books because they sure are similar!

6) Kanye West as Jesus? Oh, I guess he must be being forced to wear the crown of thorns by the women from the Gold Digger video.


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