Jude Law and Moi

It's been three days since my birthday and I'm finally recovering from the fiasco that was my birthday party in Indiana. New Year's Eve was spent with good friends, fun and the recent copy of US Weekly. Angelina Jolie's supposed bump on display on the cover renewed my sense of possibility and joie de vive. (However, I'm sure that will be in tatters after my return to work in a few days.)

Anyhow, there's some information I saw on some show either yesterday or the day before and it's really been bothering me. You see, Jude Law has my birthday. Yes, Mr. Nanny cheater and I have the same birthday. For some reason, this really disturbs me. Not that I'd prefer to share a birthday with someone like Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson...but why can't I share a birthday with Michelangelo or something? Basically, with someone brilliant and talented?

Sigh. This is so trivial and unimportant and I can't believe I'm actually blogging about this at 5 in the morning.


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