Have you seen the movie Crash? The first time I saw it was at The Grove in Los Angeles on it's opening weekend. It's set in Los Angeles and it's got things that could happen anywhere but really feel specific in their feel to Los Angeles because of the diversity of the cast. So perhaps, as I prepare to return home to Los Angeles, it's fitting that I've watched the movie in the past two nights. Sunday night, Elarryo and I watched it with three friends, Kelsey and Syda Taylor and Daphne Sajous-Brady. Tonight, we watched it with Donald and Melina Michelin. We just finished watching it and I still cry during the scene with the little girl, her father and the Persian shop owner.

Tonight after watching it, I found myself thinking about how the movie is how we all have the capability to change and to choose between good and evil. I should rent it again just to remind myself of how you can think you are good but you have the capability to do evil when you let yourself and you can think someone is all bad, but they have the capability to do good.


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