Now that James Frey's Career is Over

I'd guess that rumor that Orlando Bloom was going to play our favorite addict turned author is going to forever stay in rumor status. Now that Oprah has fronted James Frey to an audience of millions, will her power that built him up now tear him down? Will he become unpublishable...a NY Times Bestseller List has-been?

Perhaps he will drop off the best-seller lists and in a few months we'll read in some back page column that he's back on drugs due appearing on national tv and having Oprah tell him that he duped her and disappointed millions of inspired lemmings, oops, readers. He can then conveniently blame his relapse on not knowing what to do with the feelings of shame and humiliation he felt as a result of his lies and the subsequent fallout.

I find it very convenient for waffling/flip-flopping Queen Oprah to act like she and millions of readers were victims of Frey's deception. If a former addict is only going to find salvation through Frey's book then heaven help us all.

As for moi, I still stand by my belief that, in the grand scheme of things, his embellishment of his misdeeds could have been expected and is still, relatively unimportant. Addicts lie. Non-addicts tell lies too. This blog could be could be fiction.

My truth is your fiction. My fiction is your truth.


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