Go Forth

In twelve hours I'll be at Clark-O'Neal funeral home greeting well-wishers and hearing their many words of sincere and sweet condolences.

The director of the funeral home, Mr. O'Neal has this phrase he uses. "Go Forth." As in, "As you all are preparing to help your brother go forth." It's the verb that's been on my mind. After viewing the body last night...it really is past-tense. Gone.

The gentleman who will be reading my brother's obituary, Brother Sage, his father died just a couple of days ago. He's still coming to read the obituary. That is truly generous of him. He'll be attending his own father's funeral on Thursday.

Truly, I am so grateful for the love from so many people. I am lucky to have such true friends.


Anonymous said…
Hi Liz ... if you are married to the same Larryo I used to know (which I am 99% sure you are) he is a very old frind of mine who I would love to talk to again. We grew up together back in Evanston. My name is Adam. If you can relay this message to him I would appriciate it! I've read over some of your writings, I see he has found himself a very wonderful woman :) I am married myself now and have three beautiful children (and a dog :)). You can email me at lewiada2@sbcglobal.net and then I hope we can exchange phone numbers; I would really love to talk with Larryo ... I guess I've been a bit nastolgic about my past lately, it's been years since we've talked :(

Thanks for passing on the message!! --adam
Anonymous said…
I just read the contents of the post I commented on (when I left the comment I just picked the most recent post). I'm so sorry about your brother, and most especially for your parents ... having kids myself, it is something that nobody (child or parent) should have to go through. I don't know where you will draw your own strength from, I think I would draw mine from the love of my own children. I am so sorry ...

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