Why Vacation Is Kinda Awesome

I took this week off--which, since I have workaholic tendencies, means I only worked a little bit. I know, I know. I just have a hard time relaxing. I'm terrible at vacation. But, I unplugged completely for four hours yesterday while hiking Seven Falls in Santa Barbara. There's not even cell phone service out there.

As my boys get older we're able to scramble up some of the steeper parts of the creek bed and the further up we went into the mountain, the deeper the pools of water got. Imagine 8-foot deep pools with water so clear that you can see the bottom. And the air was so clear, so crisp...I didn't miss civilization. I suppose that's the point of vacation, isn't it?


Val said…
I love Santa Barbara! I'd move there if it wasn't so expensive. Enjoy your vacation!
Liz Dwyer said…
Vacation was awesome. I want to move there too. I figure if I can afford LA, I can figure out how to afford being there. Somehow.
nick said…
That looks an amazing spot, Liz. No vacation for me for a while, after our very expensive trip to Oz at Christmas!

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