Fantasy Fun With "Martin Gore" in Vegas.

Look what we have here! Depeche Mode's Martin Gore has turned into a Chippendale dancer and is doing a little flexing in Las Vegas.

OK, not really. I'm just having a little fantasy fun with the Total Rewards Picture Your Escape app--making pictures with me and the founder/singer/songwriter of my favorite band. With the app you can upload any photo and then voila, magic happens and next thing you know, "Martin" is partying with a dude dressed up as a chicken...
 and I'm chillin' with Elvis Presley and a showgirl:
Kinda fun--gives you some ideas of what you might end up doing when you go to Vegas--and wow, aren't we all glad that Martin Gore doesn't have this hair in real life. His real hair is sooo much better!

Of course, if you want to win some perks for your real future weekend there--or even a grand prize of a getaway--you can play the Escape to Total Rewards game--it's going on through the end of May. Enter the special code just for Los Angelista readers that helps you gain more entries: 9YKCCW.

Disclosure: I am honored to be an Influencer for the Total Rewards brand. Material and/or financial incentives may be received as a result of my involvement.


Anonymous said…
These pictures are HILARIOUS. Yes, thank god Mart doesn't look like this--but it does look like a good time.
Vegas Bound said…
Can you get in the same pictures as your friends with that app?
Jeff said…

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