Wherever George Zimmerman Is, Don't Feel Sorry For Him

It's a good thing websites and blogs didn't exist back in the 1970s when Ted Bundy was killing women. If they had, I'm sure he would've started one proclaiming his innocence and framing himself as the victim. After all, that's what George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, 43 days ago has done.

If you think I'm going too far in comparing Zimmerman to Bundy, get this: Zimmerman's site includes a picture of Ohio State University's black cultural center, which was defaced with the words “Long Live Zimmerman” spray painted on the side. Who would post that other than a sociopath? If Zimmerman's trying to make us think that he's not only a murderer of a black teenager but also crazy, he's kinda succeeding.

Indeed, in Zimmerman's alternate online reality which went live yesterday, he writes:

"On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life. This website's sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries."

Life altering event? Someone please tell this man the truth: YOU MURDERED A KID. He calls it a life altering event...I call it a life ENDING event. He ended Trayvon's life, ensuring that that child will never have the chance to go home and hug his mother again. Trayvon will never go to college, get a job, or start a family of his own.

Zimmerman subsequently asks people to donate money to his legal defense fund. "I would like to provide an avenue to thank my supporters peronally and ensure that any funds provided are used only for living expenses and legal defense, in lieu of my forced inability to maintain employment," he says.

So now I'm not only supposed to feel sorry for a murderer, I'm supposed to donate money because he no longer has a job? 

**Blank stare**

Sadly, a recent USA Today Gallup poll shows a deep racial divide about the murder of Trayvon, revealing that only 11 percent of people who aren't black think Zimmerman is definitely guilty. That means he probably has plenty of contributions from sympathizers.

Zimmerman has wrapped himself in the flag--you see it flying patriotically on his site--making himself the symbol of the type of folks who are tired of pretending in public that they like black people. Exhibit A: the folks in Michigan who decided to hack a construction sign so that it says this:
Seriously. And now Zimmerman's supposed attorneys (how are they his lawyers if they've never met him and he never paid them?) have resigned because their client has disappeared. I guess Zimmerman no longer needs money to pay legal counsel, right?

Maybe Zimmerman's arrest is imminent and so he will be forced to resurface, but at this point, who knows what will happen. He could already be out of the country.

I would be dishonest if I didn't admit to feeling increasingly depressed and angry over this case. I've had to stop reading most mainstream media articles having to do with it because the comments oozing hatred for black people, the venom toward President Obama because he spoke up and demanded justice, the suggestion that Trayvon deserved to be shot--it takes a toll on the psyche.

That said, I'm not giving up hope yet. I believe that justice will be served and Zimmerman will go to jail. I also keep thinking about how from the start of the fight for racial equality in this country, white folks and black folks have been there side by side. From the abolitionist movement to the Civil Rights movement to the present day, our history together is not all one of the George Zimmermans of the world shooting the Trayvon Martins.

Indeed, one of the benefits of growing up with a white father is that I got to see him speaking up for and challenging his white peers about the need for justice and racial equality. We need more of that. Dear white brothers and sisters, you need to talk to your peers because I'm not sure America's listening to black folks anymore. And, when you talk to those people, do me a favor: tell them that George Zimmerman doesn't deserve their empathy or financial support, wherever he may be.


Val said…
I wish I wasn't as cynical as I am but I really don't believe Zimmerman will ever serve time for murdering Trayvon.

What seems so obviously a murder to us apparently doesn't seem that way to Florida law enforcement or he would have been locked up the day he shot Trayvon.

This whole thing is a powder keg that's just waiting to explode.

But I hope you're right, Liz.
Christina said…
I live in Central Oregin. There are hardly any african-americans out here. However, I happened to be married to one. I find it interesting....wait, maybe that is a bad choice of words. I find it utterly ridiculous how many people think. The racist white world has got to change. The do no wrong white population that takes it upon themselves to treat someone like crap over their skin color. I have heard incredibly racist comments being said to my husbsnd. He has been told that he "sounds white". Don't worry, man.... I am not talking about black people like you. You sound and act white. Tell me? What does "white" sound like? My hubby is very intelligent and well spoken with a masters. And because of that the white rednecks of central Oregon embrace him. This Trayvon Martin case upsets me far beyond words. My husband and I are trying to have a baby....and to think some asshole can get away with gunning him down for buying an after school snack pisses me off. Where is Treyvon's justice!?!? Seriously! Where is the justice for hundreds or thousands of wrongfully accused and convicted black men rotting in jail while white men can murder without any reprocussion? I am so frraking angry this guy Zimmerman is looking to make money! Really? Ugggg....I am fired up. No need for coffee this morning!
Aisha said…
I saw that site yesterday and I almost lost it. I think that guy is mentally unstable and delusional right now. I'm just waiting for him to take a picture of himself in a white sheet.

Ultimately his true state of mind will be revealed, causing him to lose "supporters."
Anonymous said…
So living Northeast Portland I have learn a lot of things. The first thing I have learned was that the media stereotypes everything. And the biggest gang member is the Portland Police Department. They get away with everything. Then comes the white people. First if all let me say this. I'm mixed, and I have seen both sides of life. As an adult I hav seen white people get out if more things in life. Zimmerman needs to found and convicted. The justice system all over America is corrupted. There is no saving the justice system. And until we find Zimmerman and convict him we wont have any sort of justice.
Liz Dwyer said…
I am still stunned that he wasn't arrested and charged on the day of the murder, but the arrest today was really encouraging. Glad to see the ball rolling on the legal process...it'll be a long road ahead tho, that's for sure.

I feel you. The way our justice system operates has produced vastly different results depending on skin color. And, I can imagine some of the things that have been said about your husband--and about you for marrying him. But, what Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon's mom, said today about the heart having no color--isn't that the truth! We have to keep on working for what we know is right. It may not get there in our lifetimes but maybe in our children's.

Now that he's in custody I wonder if there's gonna be a temporary insanity plea or something if the stand your ground law doesn't stand.

Police do frequently come off like they're a gang. I've heard PLENTY of bad about Portland's department. I hope this arrest today is the first step toward a conviction and sentencing. And for real, everyone who is able needs to educate themselves about our judicial system, become civicall engaged, and get ready to vote in November.
nick said…
Glad to hear Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with murder. Innocent until proved guilty of course, but the evidence looks pretty damning to me. At last the due process of law rather than the impression that the police are once again protecting the white folks.
Anonymous said…
Just as an FYI, Zimmerman is NOT White, he is Hispanic and identifies as such. Therefore, instead of being a White on PoC crime, it's a PoC on PoC one.
nick said…
I read that Zimmerman has one white American parent and one Peruvian parent, so he is not simply Hispanic, even if he identifies himself as such.
Liz Dwyer said…
I think you're confused. Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race and so you can be white AND Hispanic.

Anonymous said…
Ok, let`s make this clearer for you--he`s half Peruvian and half Jewish, he identifies as Peruvian and he looks Brown, anyone looking at him would not say `that`s a white dude`.

Sort of as our mixed race president, who Blacks are quick to proclaim as their own, and not White, even though he has a White mother.

Or sort of like you, even though you`re mixed race, you identify as Black.

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